7 Principles Behind Steve Jobs* Innovative Genius

7 Principles Behind Steve
Jobs’ Innovative Genius *
* Martin Zwilling, Business Insider, http://www.businessinsider.com/7-principles
Do what you love.
– Think differently about your career. Steve Jobs
followed his heart his entire life and that, he
said, made all the difference. Innovation
cannot occur in the absence of passion and,
without it, you have little hope of creating
breakthrough ideas.
Put a dent in the Universe.
Think differently about your vision. Jobs
attracted like-minded people who shared his
vision and who helped turn his ideas into
world-changing innovations. Passion fueled
Apple’s rocket and Jobs’ vision created the
Kick start your brain.
– Think differently about how you think.
Innovation does not exist without creativity,
and for Steve Jobs, creativity was the act of
connecting things. Jobs believed that a broad
set of experiences broadened the
understanding of the human experience.
Sell dreams, not products.
– Think differently about your customers. To
Jobs, people who bought Apple products were
never “consumers.” They were people with
dreams, hopes, and ambitions. Jobs built
products to help them fulfill their dreams.
Say no to 1,000 things.
Think differently about design. Simplicity is
the ultimate sophistication, according to Jobs.
From the designs of the iPod to the iPhone,
from the packaging of the Apple’s products to
the functionality of the Apple website,
innovation means eliminating the
unnecessary so that the necessary may
Create insanely great experiences.
– Think differently about your brand experience.
Jobs made Apple stores the gold standard in
customer service. The Apple store has become
the world’s best retailer by introducing simple
innovations any business can adopt to make
deep, lasting emotional connections with
– Basic strategy: Delight customers.
Master the message.
– Think differently about your story. Jobs was a
great corporate storyteller, turning product
launches into an art form. You can have the
most innovative idea in the world, but if you
cannot get people excited about it, it doesn’t
– Resonate: Present Visual Stories That
Transform Audiences. (2010). Nancy Duarte.

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