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of Overcharged Interest by Banks
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Excess Interest Audit Consultants
Term Loan | Over Draft | Cash Credit | Export Packing Credit | Export Bill Negotiation | Discounting
About Us
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• EIAC is headed by our Chief Administrator Mr. V.L.
Srinivasamurthy, who has taken a VRS from a reputed
nationalized bank after three decades of experience in various
• Our team is operated with experienced professionals who have
in-depth understanding of the banking industry.
• With our expertise we have so far (in past two years) arranged
for refund to an aggregate exceeding Rs.1 crore during our
casual scrutiny of our clients from various banks.
Our Services
The Refund Catalyst...
We will arrange for historical scrutiny of your bank facility account statement with
reference to the sanctioned norms from the bank and identify the possible overcharging for
refund claim from the bank with our expertise . We get the refund on the below mentioned
services availed by your company from the bank: .
 Term Loans( Home Loan, Plant & machinery Loan, Mortgage Loan, Business
Loan, etc.)
 Over Draft for your business.
 Open Cash Credit / Key cash Credit
 Export Packing Credit
 Export Bill Negotiation / Interest Subsidy
 Discounting
Note: We keep all your account statement information very confidential.
The Refund Catalyst...
Possibilities of Overcharging Interest
In India after full computerization of all banking systems for quick and ease of operations everyone assumes that the
Interest / Charges calculated by computers are perfect and fail to recheck the same. In fact it is not so.
Whereas to the extent most of the Bank’s interest calculations are wrong with reference to the sanctioned
norms due to various manual misapplications of the system viz.
 Feeding of incorrect input rate of interest other than the applicable one.
 Failure to load the sanctioned rate of interest which may be less than the normal
rate (which is higher) applicable for that type of facility.
 Method of value dating according to the type of credits.
 Non-deletion/entry of penalty clauses even after submission of appropriate reports from time to time as
per sanction letter.
 Non-marking of appropriate drawing power from time to time.
 Omission to change interest rate when it is reduced due to Base rate change from time to time according
to banks.
 Lack of operational knowledge in computers and interest calculation method otherwise.
 At random software confusion in arriving at the correct figs./products for interest calculation.
 Failure to pass-on the benefits/subsidy given by the Govt. from time to time.
Our Clients
The Refund Catalyst...
Our clients are from across India who are happy receiving the refund.
Gupta Group
Kawarlal & Sons
Sri Bhagya Lakshmi Agros
Sri Ambal Jewellers
Zee Kids, Nanganallur, Chennai
and many more.
Note: Refund assured within 45 - 90 days with a severe follow-up after receipt of full
details as per our requirement from you. We can claim refund immediately at the earliest
for the current / past financial year and can try for a total of 3 years backward however
subject to availability of all requisite records with you as well in the bank.
Contact Us
The Refund Catalyst...
To know more about the process and our services get connected through our website
or contact us directly. Our services are offered across India.
Meet us @ New No:20; Krishnappa St, Purashawalkam, Chennai - 600084
Email us @ [email protected] ; [email protected] ;
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Get your facility account rechecked for its correctness
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The Refund Catalyst...
Excess Interest Audit Consultants

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