TD Role - Mike Watts

Technical delegate
‘TD’ club events
Mike Watts
Where does TD fit in?
Organising Committee
President of Jury
Course Designer
Safety Officer (UK)
At national events
At club events
At club events
Often, TD takes PoJ role
….maybe more
Still need more than one “pair of
TD’s role – early
Approve all admin
arrangements, from
appointment to end of event
Accommodation, catering,
training and exercise areas all
‘adequate and suitable’
TD’s role - before
Inspect arenas and courses; ensure
in accordance with rules
Ensure course and obstacles are
fair and safe
..and that local knowledge does not
give an advantage to locals
Instruct Organising Committee and
Course Designer to make any
alterations he considers necessary.
TD’s role – event +PoJ
Ensure timekeepers, stewards,
scorers are correctly instructed
in their duties,
Report to PoJ when course is
Continue to supervise the
technical conduct of the event
…after PoJ has assumed
TD’s role – club event
Declare course is open
Ensure timekeepers, stewards,
scorers are briefed
Supervise the technical conduct
of the event …including rules
decisions, eliminations, horse
Fix problems!!
TD - exceptions
TD - specifics
In exceptional circumstances,
the minimum time required for
the Compulsory Rest may be
increased at the discretion of
the Ground Jury
TD - specifics
942.3.3 Obstacle “may
exceed 250m in exceptional
circumstances at discretion of
TD - specifics
942.3.3 Obstacle entry/exit
“not less than 20m from
nearest lettered gate unless
the TD grants an exception”
TD - specifics
942.3.3 Obstacle “may
exceed 250m in exceptional
circumstances at discretion of
TD - specifics
Crowd barrier, if used, no
closer than 20m to nearest
obstacle element unless TD
grants exception
TD - specifics
Whole course (E only UK)
must be open for inspection,
except under exceptional
circumstances, when
Organisers have the option
not to open Sections A to D for
inspection, with the agreement
of the Technical Delegate.
TD - specifics
Cones arena should be not
less than 12m x 70m. If not
possible.. number of cones
must be reduced unless TD
grants exception (UK no
exception allowed).
TD - specifics
Cones bridge; TD exception to
solid sides
TD – no free-for-all
These Rules cannot provide for every
eventuality. In any unforeseen or
exceptional circumstances it is the duty
of the Ground Jury to reach a decision in
the spirit of the sport, taking into
consideration whether advantage has
been gained and the Welfare of the
Horse. Their decision should reflect as
closely as possible the intention of these
Rules and the FEI General Regulations.
TD’s role
Ensure event is
 safe
 fair / right
 pleasant!

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