Standard Operational Procedure * Case Management

Standard Operating Procedures
– Case Management
Linda Jaco
Milissa Gofourth
Melinda Fruendt
October 13, 2010
A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
is a set of written instructions that
document a routine or repetitive
activity followed by an organization.
SOPs document the way activities are
to be performed to facilitate consistent
conformance to technical and quality
system requirements and to support
data quality.
Written in a concise, step-by-step, easy-toread
The information should not be overly
The term "you" should not be used, but
Keep it simple and short
Information should be conveyed clearly and
explicitly to remove any doubt as to what is
Use a flow chart to illustrate the process being
Case Management SOP
Initial Contact & Information
Gather needed information
Outreach – conferences, workshops, etc
Phone call inquiries (toll free line)
Assign case number
Document in database
Determine what services may be
Next steps – time frames
Provide Information
Refer to appropriate providers,
funders, and resources
If farm assessment is needed
Mail necessary documents
Mail AgrAbility Application
Release of Information
Appropriate educational materials
Follow-up as necessary
Completing the Application Process
Offer assistance for completing
If application not received – move
client to inactive I&R in database
If application received – move to
active client status
Document application information
Staff for potential funding sources
Active Client
If disability is a barrier to
employment discuss DRS services
Send DRS application and other
necessary documentation
Offer assistance with completion of
DRS application
If DRS application is not complete
proceed to arrange farm-site visit
If DRS application complete –
provide to DRS liaison
Case Management DRS Client
Coordinate employment services
between client and DRS counselor
Once DRS initial interview complete
coordinate farm-site visit
Invite DRS counselor
Provide DRS list of co-shared clients
Farm-site Visit
Coordinate with AT Act Program
appropriate equipment to take for
demonstration or short-term loan
Identify any additional supports
needed – take materials
Complete draft assessment report
Provide to Counselor with follow-up
If needed request referral for DRS AT
Case Management Continued
Complete DRS assessment report
Finalize priorities based on employment
Identify AT needs and vendors
Discuss with client
On going case management
Follow-up on services with client &
counselor regularly
Follow-up with vendors, Extension,
IFMAPS, etc.
Non DRS AgrAbility Services
Farm site visit
 Coordinate with AT Act Program
appropriate equipment to take for
demonstration or short-term loan
 Identify any additional supports
needed – take materials
 Complete assessment report
provide to the client
Case Management Continued
Coordinate with funding sources
OkAT – the non-profit partner
Alternative Financing Program/Access to
Telework Fund, low interest bank loan
PASS Plan other SSA work incentives
Refer to other resources Extension, ABLE
Tech, Langston, etc.
Continue on-going case management
Case Closures
Based on the joint decision between
AgrAbility and Client
Has AT been delivered?
Has AgrAbility done what we have
agreed to complete?
Has Client done what they have agreed
to complete?
Complete client survey
Success story moment
AgrAbility Program Flow Chart
* Follow up with potential client verbally in 2 business days
* Mail AgrAbility application packet within 3 days
* Determine Client Status within 30 days
Active Clients for Service Delivery
*If client is seeking third party funding - assistance with DRS application
* Process DRS application within 30 days
* Schedule on-farm site assessment within 2 weeks of initial interview with DRS counselor
* Complete assessment report and submit to appropriate parties within 2 weeks
* Coordinate funding resources
*Contact client every 4 to 6 weeks for on-going case management
*Coordinate assistive technology delivery
* Obtain customer satisfaction survey
* Create success story
DRS Initiatives
Hosted meetings to coordinate DRS
to AgrAbility responsibilities
Provided a staff liaison that is has
decision making ability
Will host quarterly meetings for
DRS and AgrAbility staff
Provides monthly reports on
AgrAbility co-shared cases
DRS Co-Shared AgrAbility Program Flow Chart
DRS receives referral of farmer/rancher case from AgrAbility Project in state
office, Programs Manager will be asked to assign the case to counselor.
Counselor reviews application and determines eligibility. (Note: If
farmer/rancher applies directly to DRS , Counselor will refer client to the
AgrAbility Project)
Counselor contacts AgrAbility Project, Case Manager, Sandra Stevenson at
[email protected] or 405-744-5182 to authorize on-farm site
The AgrAbility Project Program Manager will contact the Counselor and invite
them to participate in the on-farm site assessment. Following the on-farm site
assessment, the AgrAbility Program Manager will create the Assessment
Report and submit a copy to the Counselor within 2 weeks (along with the
invoice submission) and schedule an appointment with the Counselor to review
the report at that time.
The AgrAbility Assessment Report will include, if needed, a referral to
the VR or VS AT Unit, regarding the following: Vehicle Modifications
(Non-Farm related), Wheelchairs and Seating Positioning, Computers
and Home Modifications.
Counselor will complete comprehensive assessment and plan
development with consideration of farm assessment report priorities.
Future amendments may be needed for inclusion of VR or VS AT Unit
The AgrAbility Project receives an updated monthly AWARE report
regarding information on partner cases. The report includes the
following: Case Notes, Client Name, Client ID, Case Status, Application
Date, Eligibility Date, Plan Date, Staff Assignment (Area/Field
Coordinator/Supervisor/Counselor), Disability Status (Priority
Group/Impairment/Cause/SSA Status), Open Cases Planned Services,
Service Category (Start Date/End Date), Authorization History, and
Payment History.
Case work will continue to achieve successful closure. Counselor will
authorize final payment to the AgrAbility Project upon invoice
Thank you

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