Through the Looking Glass *Is Virtual Reality Finally Here and

Immersive Solutions
Vin Sumner – CEO
Virtual Reality Past 20 Years
Over the past 20 years or so there have been various
attempts at furthering virtual reality with companies such
as Sega, Nintendo and Sony releasing console based
accessories to the market with little success.
Virtual Reality - VR Caves
Virtual Reality Oculus Rift
Following its launch via KickStarter the US crowd funding website - the
Oculus Rift the worlds first light weight
virtual reality headset was released to
developers in 2013.
DK1 Development Kit One was
supplied to KickStarter backers of the
project in 2013 to much acclaim from
development studios around the world.
Virtual Reality Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift places the user directly within a
fully immersive 3D world. The user is presented
with a stereoscopic view which is displayed
directly to the eyes via an LED screen behind two
lenses similar to those used in binoculars.
With the addition of accelerometers and other
sensors the user's head movements are precisely
tracked within the 3D scene enabling a truly
engaging immersive experience.
Virtual Reality Oculus Rift Retail Launch
Following the acquisition of OculusVR by Facebook in late May development
and production have been increased and the delivery of DK2 (development kit
two) was made in August 2014
The retail version of the Rift will be launched 2nd quarter 2015 with expected
global sales of at least 1 million units target markets are both entertainment
and serious games
Virtual Reality New Interfaces
New ways to
interact with VR
include the Leap
Motion, Myo and
the Kinect 2
gesture based
Immersive Games Platforms
Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO’s)
Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO’s)
World of Warcraft
Second Life
Eve Online
League of Legends
Elite Dangerous
Immersive Applications
Games platforms :
Walk Around
Multi Platform
Augmented Reality
Multi-Player (1st & 3rd)
Serious Immersive Applications
Hazardous Environments
Disaster Planning
What if scenarios
City Planning
• Collaborative Immersion
The user is pointing to an object to make a selection, once the selection was made a small
radial context menu is displayed giving the user some options
This task log could be used for note taking or exploring data linked with objects within the
virtual world.
To avoid distraction from the virtual world's content the users are represented by orbs of
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