The Angel among Us

The Angel among Us
Information About Shen
• Born in Yulin County.
• Born in 1989.
• Always uses her computer skills to help her
family to promote livelihood, help the farmers
to sell their farm produce, as well as help the
disadvantaged with their homework.
• p. 123, line 46.
lack ideas for making…
lack N= be lacking in N
Ex: She lacks creative ideas=She is lacking in
creative ideas.
dedication to N: 貢獻,奉獻
S1 +be the last N to VR
(that) S2 +V
• 最不可能的, 絕對不會…
• It is impossible (for sb.) to VR
=Sb. be the least likely to VR
Ex: 如花is the last girl to marry me.
=如花is the last girl that I will marry.
• 前後主詞一致,則用the last person/one to VR
• Ex: Jack is the last person/one to betray
• 或者也可將person/one省略, 變成the last to
• Ex: Jack is the last to betray friends.
• Ex: I am the last (person/one) to cheat on
• Last but not least最後,但同等重要的是…
• What should we do to do with global
Firstly, take mass transportation more
Secondly, eat more vegetables and fruits……….
Last but not least, the officials concerned
should take precautions to enact laws against
enterprises that emit poisonous gases……
• 為了強調“最不可能”,可以把the last N提前到句
首,變成The last N…is…
• Ex: The last thing that I will do is give up on the
entrance exam.
• Ex: The last thing that馬英九wants to do is (to)
make his wife annoyed.
Ex: The last thing that I will do is major in
Ex: The last man that I will marry is you.
late, last?
• Late-later-latest用於時間
• Late-latter-last用於順序
• 兩年後:two years later
最新消息: the latest news
前者後者: the former, the latter
• It is important
that S (should) VR
• S1 suggest
that S2 (should) VR
give the order
make a request
How do we use “as”?
1.身為: As a third grader, I have to study hard.
2. 當…之時: As he woke up, he found himself
lying on the bed.
3. 因為: As Jane is pretty, many people like her.
4.隨著: As time goes by, the grief over your
lover’s death will fade away.
5. 雖然: Tired as Jay was, he went on with his
Phrases related with “born”
• born and bred土生土長的
Ex: a born and bred American
• in all one’s born days有生以來
Ex: I have never seen such a beauty in all my
born days.
• early born 早產的 late born晚產的
• newly born新生的
• born a.天生的ex: a born
• be born in+出生的地方
• be born on+日期
• because of =thanks/owing/due to=
=on account of
=by virtue of
=on the strength/score/grounds of
=in consequence of
take advantage of=avail oneself of =make good/full
use of ex:avail oneself of the new computer
training programs
• turn out to VR/ that SV: 結果是…
• Ex: My cousin turns out to be the home
= It turns out that my cousin is the home
for oneself=for one’s own sake為了自己
• By=via=through=by way/means of藉由
• for oneself=for one’s own sake為了自己 ex:He
built the house for himself.他為了自己蓋了這
• by oneself=on one’s own靠自己 ex:He built
the house by himself/on his own.他靠自己的
• in addition to N/V-ing=besides
=apart/aside from N/V-ing除了…還…
• 說服: convince/persuade 人 to do sth
of N/V-ing
that SV
= talk 人 into V-ing
• the + adj/p.p表…的人
Ex: the jobless/homeless/young/old/rich/poor/missing/living
Who Wants to be the Millionaire?
Notice: Close your textbooks and handouts!
I will read the items twice.
Do not raise hands before I count to three.
Answer the question in correct sentences.
Three groups.
No sentences that we made in the class.
Special gifts!
• Make corrections:
(1)three years latter.
(2)the lattest news
(3)Both Vivian and Jane are pretty; however,
the formmer is wicked, while the latter is kind.
Let’s give the winners a big hand!*^_______^*
Come to me and have your chocolates!
Photos by Shen
• 以上照片取自
Works Cited
-some photographs by Shen
-website by Shen for the disadvantaged kids沈芯菱
/170530909670605 -her Facebook page
Thank you!

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