Phipps*s Hawaiian Marriage data, reconfigured.

Conjoint Books
Krieger, Abba, Paul Green, and Jerry Wind (2004), Adventures in Conjoint Analysis: A
Practitioner’s Guide to Trade-Off Modeling and Applications, free online at:
Also go to John Hauser’s website at MIT for his “Note on Conjoint Analysis”
Louviere, Jordan J. (1988), Analyzing Decision Making: Metric Conjoint Analysis, Sage.
Orme, Bryan K. (2010), Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis: Strategies for Product
Design and Pricing Research (2nd ed.), Madison, WI: Research Publishers.
Early Articles
Green, Paul E. (1974), "On the Design of Choice Experiments Involving Multifactor
Alternatives," Journal of Consumer Research, 1, 61-68. (describes fractional factorials)
Green, Paul E. and V. R. Rao (1971), "Conjoint Measurement for Quantifying
Judgmental Data," Journal of Marketing Research, 8, 355-361.
Green, Paul E. and Yoram Wind (1975), "New Way to Measure Consumers' Judgments,"
Harvard Business Review, July-Aug., 107-117.
Johnson, Richard M. (1974), "Trade-Off Analysis of Consumer Values," Journal of
Marketing Research, 11, 121-127.
Luce, R. Duncan, and John W. Tukey (1964), "Simultaneous Conjoint Measurement: A
New Type of Fundamental Measurement," Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 1,127.
Articles as Conjoint Progressed
Carmone, Frank J., Paul E. Green, and Arun K. Jain (1978), “Robustness of Conjoint
Analysis: Some Monte Carlo Results,” Journal of Marketing Research, 15 (May), 300303. (metric does almost as well as nonmetric, yay!)
Cattin, Philippe, and Dick R. Wittink (1982), "Commercial Use of Conjoint Analysis: A
Survey," Journal of Marketing, 46, 44-53.
Green, Paul E., and V. Srinivasan (1978), "Conjoint Analysis in Consumer Research:
Issues and Outlook," Journal of Consumer Research, 5, 103-123.
Green, Paul E., and V. Srinivasan (1990), "Conjoint Analysis in Marketing: New
Developments with Implications for Research and Practice," Journal of Marketing, 319.
Wittink, Dick R. and Philippe Cattin (1981), “Alternative Estimation Methods for
Conjoint Analysis: A Monte Carlo Study," Journal of Marketing Research, 18 (Feb.), 101106. (anova wins for all situations except when there’s “a dominant attribute”, but
then if that is true, it’s pretty easy to see, again, yay!)
Currim, Imran S., Charles B. Weinberg, and Dick R. Wittink (1981), “Design of
Subscription Programs for a Performing Arts Series," Journal of Consumer Research, 8
(June), 67-75.
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Health Care,” Journal of Medical Marketing, 10 (4), 305-311.
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Services,” Journal of Marketing, 59 (January), 17-28.
Page, Albert L. and Harold F. Rosenbaum (1987), “Redesigning Product Lines with
Conjoint Analysis: How Sunbeam Does It,” Journal of Product Innovation Management,
4, 120-137.

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