HOMIDO Experience

HOMIDO Experience
Embrace Virtual Reality
HOMIDO Experience
The primary added value of Virtual Reality
Branding is the multi-dimensional entertaining
experience that enhances customer’s senses
much more widely than 2D content alone.
A French startup spearheading the Smartphone
Virtual Reality market
From Hong Kong to Las Vegas, 2014/2015:
launch of a new VR headset
Oct 2014
Las Vegas, Jan. 2015
What’s a VR headset?
A smartphone adapter that enables you to play
Virtual Reality games, watch 360° videos and 3d movies
In & out
Get ahead of the VR game!
HOMIDO Experience is a VR Brand video + App
content production solution.
A fully integrated VR Communication
HOMIDO Experience
offers a fully integrated solution for brands
entering the VR channel (Product launch
and Apps).
1. VR Creative Direction
2. 3D and 360° Film Production
3. VR Brand App production
4. HOMIDO Headsets
5. Cardboard headsets
VR Creative Direction
HOMIDO Experience will work on your
project to propose an original idea to
showcase your brand and product in a
Virtual Reality Environment.
We create the message you want to
express through our Homido VR
Headset on a 3D 360 short Film, or
VR (3D and 360°) Film Production
Once the creative concept is
approved, we will produce your
VR Brand content video or 3D
The content will be in 3D, 360°
with head tracking allowing
your viewers to experience your
brand in a recreated VR
VR Brand App production
Once your VR Brand content is
produced, we integrate it in
your customized VR Brand
mobile App (Android & iOS)
We can promote the project to our
own audience through our
“Homido Center” portal app, as
well as on homido.com
HOMIDO Headsets
Your VR Content and App is now
Use your HOMIDO Headset and
dive into your new VR Brand
Let your Virtual Show start!
Case study (1)
Virtual reality mobile app (Android & Ios)
Compatible with Homido and Cardboard
Customized Cardboard (color + logo)
Homido VR Headset
Case study (2)
Creation of Virtual Reality mobile App:
360° video, 3D environment or both
Homido headsets: allow users to experience
your VR experience “in the best conditions”,
(ie: on a tradeshow, in a store, in a car
Customized Cardboards (with your client’s
brand): “Give-away” to users so that they take
it home and share the experience with their
friends and families and spread the word
Get your VR Show Started!
Contact our team for your project
HOMIDO Experience
[email protected]
We will customize a ready-to-use complete 3D App and Film

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