Week 7 - Polish and Promote Yourself

Potential Revenue
Lesson 7
Mid-point Check In
• Congratulations! We’ve reached the midpoint of the program
• What are you most proud of accomplishing?
As a team
What are you looking forward to for the rest of
the season?
7.1 Revise Branding and Promotion Plan
7.2 Potential Revenue
7.3 Continue working on prototype
7.1 Revise Branding and
Promotion Plan
• What feedback did you get from other people
about how you plan to brand and promote
your app?
• How can you revise what you wrote last week
to account for this feedback?
7.2 Potential Revenue
• Revenue is how much money a company makes.
• How do you plan to price your app?
• Will you have people pay a one time fee? Or pay
by a subscription model?
• Will there be in-app purchases?
• Based on the potential market size you
calculated, how much revenue can your app
See page 27
have in the first year?
the workbook
7.3 Continue Working on Your App
• Continue working on your app.
• Are you keeping up with your plan?
• Do you have enough of the app done to have
people test it out? Remember, constant
feedback will help you refine your app!
Next week
• Revise your potential revenue based on
feedback from your teacher and mentor.
• Pitch guidelines
• Continue working on your app

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