7 Marks of a Champion

“7 Marks of a Champion”
“All Champions are Leaders – but
not all Leaders are Champions”
• Champion = “Someone who stands
between two armies.”
• Spiritual Champion = “Someone able to
discern the Divine priority of every
moment in every situation.”
• Principle: Champions are born, developed
but most all summoned when the cause
for which they were born arises – destiny!
I. Champions - Prepare in Secret
• Found faithful in the “prayer closet” before
summoned to the battlefield.
• Developed 4 skills in the closet (sheepfold)
1. Skillful musician – Praise
2. Man of valor – “means” provision
3. Warrior – confident in the fight of faith
4. Ability to speak – confession was right
II. Champions – Not the product of
a protected Environment
• Attacked by bears & lions yet prevailed.
• Your assignment is the only place you
provision is guaranteed.
• David brought order and victory in every
situation by using God’s universal, battletested weapon of victory – His Word.
III. Champions stay on the Offense
• Notice position of the Giant:
17:8 “come down to me.”
17:28 “Have you seen the man who has
come up?”
• Two lessons Giant killers must learn:
1. If you don’t stay on the offense and run
toward the enemy he will come to you.
2. Confidence gives courage to show up – trust
gives you the strength to stay till you win.
IV. Champions Learn what to
Ignore and what to Pursue
• David ignored:
1. Condescending brothers
2. Threat of defeat
3. Backslidden King’s advice & armor
• Identify & eliminate, timewasters - people and
activities. Abandon abusive relationships.
Basement vs. Balcony people.
• Pursue Victory (Glory of God) Goliath simple
got in the way!
V. Champions decide what to
Magnify and what to Minimize
• What you tolerate you will not change. What are you
• David minimized the threat.
• “Faith is not ignoring present reality but minimizing
its effect on God’s reality.”
• David magnified the Lord over situation
• David magnified the Lord thru worship:
1. Passion for His presence
2. Passion for Word of God
3. Passion His assignment
VI. Champions focus on Today and
Tomorrow – not Yesterday
• Focus on the opportunities of Today and the
possibilities of Tomorrow.
• Never focus on the pain and disappointments
of yesterday and fears about tomorrow. God
never consults your past to determine your
• 3 kinds of people invade your life – yesterday,
today and tomorrow.
REMEMBER: People God used yesterday or
today…may have no place in your tomorrow.
VII. Champions produce other
Champions 2 Samuel 21:15-22
• Everything reproduces “after its own kind”
Genesis 1:22-25
• Takes a Champion to make a Champion
* No giant-killers in Saul’s army
* David produced other giant-killers
Hang with giant-killers.
Pray for the rest.

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