Lesson 9 PowerPoint

Write down any questions you have about this photo.
This man is one of the most famous heroes of WW1:
TE Lawrence.
Why was Lawrence in Arabia?
Who was TE Lawrence?
Put the 17 cards in the correct
order to tell the story of TE
Does this actually explain WHY
Lawrence was in Arabia?
Correct Order: C, D, A, G, K, H, E, Q, J, L, B, M, O, F, N, P, I
Why was Lawrence in Arabia?
Can we actually answer this now?
What don’t we know yet?
There are really two halves to the
answer to this question
The micro-narrative:
TE Lawrence himself
The macro-narrative:
Why war in the Middle East?
In August 1914 the Ottoman Empire
signed an alliance with Germany and
entered WW1 against the British,
French and Russians.
You need to work out WHY.
1. Sort the sources into three groups – Reasons to fight WITH the
Germans, Reasons to fight AGAINST the British, Reasons to
fight AGAINST the Russians
2. Choose one source for each group and EXPLAIN why the
Ottomans joined in the war
3. Explain which of the three groups is the most important in
leading the Ottomans to war.
Bringing it all together:
Why was Lawrence in Arabia?
Your challenge is to now bring together these
two stories:
• The micro story – about TE Lawrence himself
• The macro story – why there was fighting in
the Middle East
Think about how you might do this best!
What NEW things have we learnt
about WW1 today?

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