The Collaborative Glue in Both Aviation and Accounts Payable Automation Michael Guest

The Collaborative Glue in Both Aviation and
Accounts Payable Automation
Michael Guest
Interwoven Alliance SE
Interwoven Confidential
My background
From the Wright brothers to the Shuttle
Brief walk thru history
Ideas to stir your imagination
How does this effect us today?
What options do you have to hold your business in
Interwoven Confidential
My background
Air Traffic Controller in the USMC
Lotus Development as Product Evangelist
Vignette as Business Development Technologist
Interwoven as Collaborative Document Management
Collaboration, web architecture, document management,
and customer solutions are my speciality
Interwoven Confidential
Wright brothers, quick history
Wilbur Wright, born in 1867 - just after the end of the Civil
War in 1865
Orville Wright, born in 1871 – Susan B. Anthony arrested
for voting
In 1878 the Wright brothers build their first aircraft, a
rubber band powered helicopter
1893 – they begin to sell and “repair” bicycles, using glue
to fix flat tires
1903 – make the first controlled sustained powered flight
at Kitty Hawk, skin is glued to the frame
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Fast forward to the Shuttle
Upon re-entry, the shuttle must withstand temperatures
exceeding 3,000 degree F
February 2003 – the Columbia shuttle disaster,
disintegrates over Texas
Over 32,000 tiles cover the shuttle, all are held in place by
a special vulcanized silicon adhesive, glue
Each title is as important as the next….
Interwoven Confidential
Your business model
Each tile is as important as the next….
What is the weakest link in your business today?
How do you manage your processes today?
Where do you keep your documents today?
How long do you keep them?
What about your emails? (Enron & Anderson Consulting)
How do you manage your contracts?
What other financial documents do you need to access, store,
process and destroy?
Paper could be your weakest link!
Interwoven Confidential
Financial Documents examples
Ingest them (scan) into Interwoven WorkSite
Structure which mirrors your process and needs (BCS)
Secure environment – right person at the right place at the right
Capture related documents
Interwoven Confidential
Interwoven Collaborative Document Management
Interwoven Collaborative
Document Management
improves business agility to
get to market faster, close
more deals and contracts,
and accelerate revenue
By improving the value
chain of teams of people
and content inside and
outside the enterprise
By providing a common
location to put all of these
components, the Glue!
CDM puts content to use in the way people work
Interwoven Confidential
What is WorkSite ?
A robust & comprehensive Enterprise Content
Management solution tailored for information workers
Document & Email Management
Records Management
With Anytime, Anywhere Access via
Web, Desktop, Offline & Mobile Device (e.g. BlackBerry,
iPhone, Palm, Windows Mobile)
Portals including Office SharePoint Server
Customizable Extranets
Increased individual and team productivity
Business continuity strategies
Compliance with regulatory mandates
Cost savings including storage and discovery costs
Faster, better client service
Interwoven Confidential
Outlook Integration
Powerful email, document,
records management and
collaboration within Outlook
Capture, organize, store, re-use and
search for critical business content
Industry leading solution for
Managing high email volumes
Addressing compliance requirements
Tightly integrated with Microsoft
Office and other popular Windows
Comprehensive records
management client (When combined with
Interwoven’s Records Manager)
WorkSpace metaphor & subscription
lists enhance collaboration
Email address to objects
Interwoven Confidential
WorkSite Web
Out of the box solution for a
firms intranet
Support for group calendaring,
tasks, discussion threads & note
Aggregate information from 3rd party
applications via web connectors
Several out of the box connectors
Customizable look and feel and
view management
Powerful capabilities to create
secure extranets
Expose content to clients selectively
Easy to setup and publish
Publish content to the extranet from
any Worksite desktop or web client.
Interwoven Confidential
WorkSite for SharePoint
Seamlessly access WorkSite
repository from SharePoint
2003 & 2007
Access workspace
Browse workspaces
Access document worklist
Unified search across
SharePoint and WorkSite via
protocol handler
Seamlessly interoperate on
WorkSite content from
Check-in, checkout, modify
metadata etc.
Interwoven Confidential
WorkSite Mobility Overview
Be productive from anywhere at anytime
with a mobile device and WorkSite Mobility
Manage Email
Complete your email management solution
File email into WorkSite from your Inbox
View, Reply To, and Forward emails and their
attachments from WorkSite
Work with Documents
Browse your Document Worklist, My Favorites,
My Matters, and WorkSite Explorer
Search for documents and workspaces
View, read, fax, and print documents
Email documents and WorkSite links
Optimized for optimal performance over
Wireless networks
True Blackberry and mobile application
Quick response time
Works when out of coverage area
Interwoven Confidential
Dynamic Navigation: Clusters & Faceted Metadata
Get the Big
Picture instantly
Interwoven Confidential
How does this all work together?
Interwoven Confidential
Questions and Answers
Interwoven Confidential
Thank You
Interwoven Confidential

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