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People in Bins
People In Bins
2012- 2013 reported incidents
 We reported 24 incidents where
individuals were found either in or close
to our waste containers
11 of these incidents were reported
between April and October
People were discovered in FEL
containers, TW containers, skips and
bulk carrier containers
Some of these individuals were lifted
and tipped into the body of our truck
 The picture to the left, is a real
event of a person getting out of
the bin after the driver found
them inside whilst doing the
visual check.
People In Bins
2012- 2013 locations of reported incidents
 16 different
5 incidents
reported in
People In Bins
2013-2014 locations of reported incidents
 30 incidents
reported in 15
5 incidents
reported in both
Sheffield and
Newton Abbot
People in Bins
Year on Year Comparison
 Although there are hot spots, the comparison shows that there are no ‘safe’
Remarkably nothing reported in Scotland
People In Bins
Thirty Incidents Reported in 2013-2014
Hull - two incidents
between September and
Preston – three incidents
between May and
One incident each for St
Helens, Birmingham,
Nottingham, Lincoln and
Newchapel between April
and January
Newton Abbot – five
incidents between July
and February
One incident each in
South Shields, York,
Peterborough, Bury St
Edmunds and Leeds in
January and February
Sheffield – five incidents
between October and
Burgess Hill – four
incidents between
December and
How to Contact
Be prepared
Save 0300 500 0914 to your phone
Bookmark www.streetlink.org.uk
Download the StreetLink app for smartphones and tablets
….for the next time you see someone sleeping rough
Spread the word
Tell friends, colleagues and customers about StreetLink
Put the StreetLink poster in your depot or staff communal areas
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