Retroactive Funding Adjustments (RFA)

Payroll Retroactive Funding
Adjustments (RFA)
Payroll Office
What is a payroll retroactive funding
• An RFA is a process to correct the payroll funding source for
one or more pay periods for a specific position.
• Essentially, Payroll forces the HR/Pay system to completely
reverse each paycheck for the employee for every pay period
involved. The new funding is then applied to all of the salary
and fringe.
• RFAs are not part of a regular business process and should be
avoided if possible.
When Could an rfa be necessary?
– An RFA could be needed for many reasons such as:
» Grant or other funding was set up late
» A position changed HR departments, but was keyed late
» An employee spent a higher percentage of time on a project than expected
» A student used ran out of federal work study funds
» Funding changes were submitted late by the department or other staff
How is an RFA submitted?
• RFAs are submitted via Personnel Action Form (PAF) through
the HR website or myKU.
The required fields are outlined in red.
Be sure to select Retro-Active Fund Rqst as the Personnel Action Workflow
Office of Research funded box
• If the RFA involves a grant or any KUCR non-grant funds, the Office of Research Funded
box must be check to properly route the PAF for approvals.
– Funds 908, 938, or 958 KUCR sponsored projects
– 717-718 UKANS sponsored projects
– 9XX KUCR fund (start-up, matching, facilities & administration, and major project
planning grant)
– 2301XXX-099 GRF (General Research Fund)
– 2302XXX-099 NFGRF (New Faculty General Research Fund)
– Any cost share involving a sponsored project
Failure to properly route a PAF can result in a significant delay of processing.
Dean Funding approval box
This box should be checked for any RFAs which involve funds that need approval by
the Dean’s Office for one of the University Schools. After checking the box, a
dropdown list becomes available to select the proper school for routing.
School of Architecture
School of Business
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
School of Education
School of Engineering
School of Journalism
School of Law
Life Span Institute
School of Music
School of Pharmacy
School of Social Welfare
RFA submission – Job section
Only the comp rate and frequency are required fields for this section. For RFA purposes, this section is little
used. Any comments entered will be read. If the employee transferred between contract and bi-weekly or
changed comp rate during the RFA period, this would be a good place to note it along with the effective date.
RFA submission – Position section
• Only the schedule must be completed for this section. The standard hours and
FTE will update based on the schedule. For RFA processing, the most important
part are any comments related to the funding change and standard hours for
mid-pay period funding changes.
RFA submission - Funding
This is the most important section of the PAF when requesting an RFA
– The effective date of the first funding row should
match the effective date of the PAF
– The funding row should include 100% of the
funding for each pay period.
– The pool ID must be included if the position is
pool funded
– Use the comments box to describe the expected
transaction such as “RFA for PPE 06/21/14 to
move $56.31 salary and $5.63 fringe from
7001841-003 to 7009000-908-KAN0069548”
– Add as many funding rows as needed throughout
the RFA period.
– Include a funding row or a comment such as “no
change to future funding” to describe what
should happen to the funding after the RFA period
What needs to be submitted with all RFAs?
• DEMIS Gross and Fringe report for each pay period being adjusted
– Excel formatted reports are preferred. PDF or Word documents are acceptable.
– All pay periods should be on the same form
– Include gross dollar amount totals
– Do not delete any rows from the affected pay periods even if they are not
Position Chartfield
67427 1510320-799
67427 7001841-003
Emplid & Departm
True Pay
Voucher Rec No. ent
Pool ID End Date DeptID Fund Project Chrtfld 3 Off Cyc
V7002044 XXXXXX-X 1510000 VLN
6/21/2014 1510320 799
No Change
V7002044 XXXXXX-X
6/21/2014 7001841
RFA to move $56.31 salary and $5.63 fringe to 7009000-908-KAN0069548
How to obtain DEMIS gross & fringe report
Log into the DEMIS portal
Select the HREO tab
Select the appropriate fiscal year
Use report breaks
– Chartfield String (Account Code FY 13 & 14)
– Voucher
• Use DEMIS additional extract columns
Employee ID & Record Number
Position Number
Pool ID
True Pay End Date
Cost Center
Project or Grant
Chartfield 3 (Scenario FY 13 & 14)
Offcycle Flag
Export in Excel
Click Run
What else might need to be submitted?
• A signed Payroll Cost Transfer Form must be submitted if any
grants or KUCR funds are involved.
RFA approval process
• RFAs go through an approval process outlined below
based on funding and timing.
– Involves grant funds, it will be approved by the RGS teams
– Involves dean funding, it will be approved at the Dean’s
– If the RFA effective date is more than 45 days from the
current pay period and involves
• Non-grant funding. It will be approved by Katrina Yoakum.
• Grant funding. It will be approved by Kristi Billinger.
• Non-grant KUCR funding. It will be approved by Linda Sadler.
When should an RFA not be used?
• An RFA should not be used if the employee was paid on the wrong position.
– If the employee is assigned to the wrong position, a PAF should be completed to transfer
the employee (choose Position Data Update workflow – job action code Transfer). HR
appointment staff will route the appropriate adjustments to Payroll for processing.
– If the employee with multiple positions logged hours on the wrong position, the
employee’s time sheet should be corrected. Once the corrections have been approved by
the supervisor, the corrections will load through time and labor to Payroll for adjustment.
• An RFA should not be used to transfer charges from one cost center to another
cost center on the same fund or between 099/003 funds.
– Example: moving charges from 2800010-099 to 2800000-003
– These should be handled via budget transfer. If a budget transfer is not possible, please
note the attempt in the comments to avoid duplicate efforts
RFAs will not be processed:
• For student non work-study funding to work-study funding
(fund 709)
• For only employer fringe cost for GTA/GRA student insurance
• For specific dollar amounts
• For moving charges from 003 to 099 or 099 to 003 for the
same cost center
• For fringes only
• To spend down a project
How can an RFA be avoided?
Monitor the DEMIS reports each pay period
Monitor the end date for projects
Request provisional funding
Use a budget transfer to move the charges
Move charges other than payroll to correct the expenditure
Important things to check before hitting the
submit button
• Would someone completely uninvolved understand what needs to
be changed, how it needs to be changed and why it needs to be
changed by reading the PAF?
• Are the effective dates correct and matching?
• Are the employee ID and position number correct?
• Are the approval boxes checked correctly for routing?
• Are the supporting documents attached?
• Are the funding rows correct?
– Is the pool ID listed if needed?
– Are the funding designators included?
• If you have any questions, please call the Payroll Office at 44385 or email [email protected]

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