Cell phones, during school?

By: Maranda Pierson
Olivia Neighbors
Why do schools have bans on cell
phone use?
It causes a distraction to students during class
Students cheat on tests
Take and distribute photos of students
Why does BCMS have a ban on cell phones?
“Students use them inappropriately. No one would
learn. Everyone would have their phones out texting
etc., and as a principal, it is our job to protect the
- Jeff Jennings- Principal of BCMS
What if you are caught with your
In class:
 The first time the teacher takes up the
phone until the end of the day.
 The second and third time teacher will turn
phone in to the front office and the parent
will have to pick it up at the end of the day.
 The fourth time is when the student will be
put in ISS (In-school Suspension).
Positives of being allowed
to use your phone.
 Use
Internet for research
 Keep
notes, calendar, and voice
recorder handy
 Teachers
could use Poll Everywhere for
quick recall on student comprehension
Negatives of being
allowed to use your
 Cheating-
students can share answers
during tests or store information about
test content to use during test
 Harassment- students can take and
distribute inappropriate pictures of
 Stealing- phones could end up stolen
What do teachers think?
 Should
students be able to use their
phones during school?
- During part of the lesson yes, you could
use Poll Everywhere and the Internet for
- No, with today’s technology students will
be able to look up any answer and
therefore not get the benefit that they
What do teachers think?
 Have
you ever used cell phones in class
for a school project or research?
- Yes for a project once and students were
not responsible with the access. Instead
they had taken pictures of her classroom
and posted them on Facebook.
Students’ responses:
 Why
should we be able to use our phones
during school?
In case of an emergency, you could
contact someone faster
Extra-curricular activities reschedule plans

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