Basketball - Special Olympics Michigan

Training Guide
Events Offered
• Team Competition
• Unified Team Competition
• Individual Skills & Modified
• Individual Skills Contest
2 Special Olympics Michigan
Federation Rules
• Special Olympics International follows the rules of FIBA
• Special Olympics Michigan recognizes SOI’s rules and
follows the rules of the Michigan High School Athletic
• When utilizing rules to follow, see the SOMI program
guide and the MHSAA rule book.
3 Special Olympics Michigan
Basketball Season/Training
• Athletes should begin practicing 8-10 weeks before the state
culminating event (March 23-24, 2012.
• When putting together a practice plan, early season practices
should be drill and skill development focused, late season
practices should be scrimmage focused depending on ability
• The minimum number of players on a team is 6, the maximum
allowed is 12 players.
• When alternating an alternate, another athlete on the roster
must be dropped.
4 Special Olympics Michigan
Uniforms in basketball, must have correct numbers. The ONLY
numbers allowed are as follows: 00,0-5, 10-15, 20-25, 30-35, 4045, 50-55. Teams must NOT have both 00 and 0.
A technical foul will be called for each player with an illegal
number at the beginning of the game and free throws will be
awarded to the non-offending team.
Numbers MUST be on the front and back of the uniforms
Uniforms must consist of a jersey, shorts and athletic shoes and
must be identical in color and design.
Any player choosing to wear an undershirt, must wear one that is
white or similar to the main uniform color.
Hats, baseball caps and bandanas are not part of the uniform and
should NOT be worn during games.
Absolutely NO DENIM!
5 Special Olympics Michigan
Uniforms continued
• Uniforms should be tucked into the
• Shooting sleeves are allowed to be
worn if they are a solid color similar
to the jersey color.
• It is recommended that teams have
both dark and light colored uniforms
available at games.
• Extra jerseys should be provided by
the coach in case there is a bodily
fluid spilled onto a jersey.
• Absolutely NO JEWELERY.
6 Special Olympics Michigan
Uniforms Cont’d
All team uniforms must have the Special Olympics
Logo adorned somewhere on the jersey. Logos may
be placed on the front, back or sleeve and may be
located on the top of bottom of the uniform and should
be visible. Logos may be screen printed or
embroidered or may be part of a patch or sticker.
7 Special Olympics Michigan
Game Rules
• Games are to consist of 4, 6-minute quarters.
• The clock stops on dead-ball situations, but does not stop on
made baskets.
• The 10-second backcourt and 3-second lane violations will be
enforced at all levels of play.
• All players must inbound the ball with both feet out of bounds,
when inbounding, they must pass the ball to another teammate,
before entering the court.
• All players must use one hand when dribbling
• Players may be allowed 2 steps beyond what is allowable, if a
player gains an advantage or travels, the violation is to be called.
8 Special Olympics Michigan
Game Rules cont’d
• If there is a permanent 3-point line present on the court, the 3point shot is to be played.
• Overtime will be one 3-minute long period.
• The clock will continue to run when a team takes the lead by
more than 30 points and will continue to run until the lead
drops below 15 points.
• Each team will receive 3 60-second timeouts and 2 30-second
timeouts per game.
• When a jump ball is called (2 players simultaneously gain
possession) the ball is awarded to the possession arrow
9 Special Olympics Michigan
• All players listed on the roster
are to play in each game.
• When checking into a game,
players must report to the
scorers table and be checked
in by the officials.
• Players can only substitute
during dead ball situations.
• An alternate may only be
activated when another player
from the team is dropped
10 Special Olympics Michigan
Free Throws
• On a free throw line up, the
spot below the block is to be
left vacant as seen here.
• The defense takes the two
lowest spots on each side of
the lane, followed by offense
and defense again.
• When a shooter is fouled and
the shot goes in, they are
awarded one shot. If the shot
is missed, they get as many
attempts as the shot would
have counted for.
• Technical fouls result in 2 free
throw attempts.
11 Special Olympics Michigan
• All basketball defenses are legal
in Special Olympics Michigan
Zone defenses
Man to man
Full court press
Half court trap defenses
12 Special Olympics Michigan
• The one and one (2nd free throw awarded only after the first is
made) free throw bonus occurs after 7 team fouls per half.
• The double bonus (2 shots) occurs after 10 teams fouls per
• A technical foul will be called in lieu of dangerous play,
unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal numbers or uniforms and
intentional fouls. Technical fouls can be given to players,
coaches or chaperones and will result in 2 shots for the other
• Two technical fouls will result in ejection from the game. All
technical fouls are counted towards a players personal foul
• A player fouls out from a contest after 5 personal fouls. Upon
fouling out, the player will not be able to re-enter.
13 Special Olympics Michigan
• Assist: A pass to a teammate who scores directly or who does not
dribble more than twice before scoring
• Backcourt: The end of the court opposite a team’s offensive goal
• Blocking Out: a technique used by a rebounding player who steps in
front of and with his/her back to an opponent and keeps that opponent
behind him/her
• Double Dribble: A violation in which a player dribbles the ball, stops,
then begins to dribble again
• Field Goal: A basket, worth either two or three points, depending on
whether it was taken from inside or outside the three-point line
• Foul: A rules infraction for which the penalty is one or more free
14 Special Olympics Michigan
Terms Cont.
• Key: The free throw lane and circle
• Lane: The painted area between the end line and the free-throw line
near each basket, outside which players line up for free throws.
• Press: A term that is an abbreviation for pressure, as in defensive
• Rebound: A missed shot that bounces off the rim or backboard; also
to gain possession of the ball after such a missed shot
• Screen: An offensive play in which a player of offense acts as a
stationary barrier to prevent a player on defense from defending a
player. Also called a pick.
• Trap: A situation in which two defenders guard the player on offense
who has the ball
• Travel: To run or walk illegally while holding the ball

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