Travel Guidelines Training - Power Point 2014

Timely Submission of Report
• Effective April 1, 2014, all Expense Reports will
be submitted through Concur Travel and
Expense system (Concur T&E)
• Submit Expense Report within 10 days of the
completion of the trip
• Will not be paid if submitted later than 30
days after the completion of the trip
• Do not cross over fiscal years
Individual Meal Reimbursement
Requires overnight stay
Federal Per Diem for Domestic meals
Foreign Travel – International per diem
75% of the federal per diem rate on first and last day
of travel regardless of when you leave or return
Concur T&E – complete Travel allowance section
Click off on meals included with your travel such as
conference meals
Does not require receipts
Must not be charged on Travel P-Card
• Must travel more than 50 miles from campus
• Not reimbursed for free accommodations awarded in
connection with hotel frequent guest programs
• Must book through Traveline/Concur unless a conference
• Must submit itemized hotel receipt
• Most hotel receipts will be E-receipts into Concur T&E
• Reimbursed actual amount up to 150% of federal per diem
• Can use Travel P-Card to pay
• Ask for tax exemption
• Conference hotel rates may be allowed by supervisor
Personal Vehicle Mileage
and Car Rentals
Mileage reimbursement rate – 85% of federal rate –
currently $.48 a mile
Courtesy Cars (Athletics) - currently $.29 a mile
Car rental – rental + gas receipts. If through Enterprise,
National, USAVE – typically on YSU Pcard or Travel P-Card
Book car rental through Traveline/Concur
Most car rental receipts will be E-receipt into Concur T&E
Mileage reimbursement for personal car mileage will be
limited to amount of rental + gas
If traveling from home or work, mileage will be paid from
the lesser distance to your destination
Limited to Student Group and Team Travel
Submit Advance request through Concur T&E
Submit Advance Travel Budget with request
Traveler needs to return any excess funds to Student
Accounts/University Receivables or Athletic Business
Office (if athletics) immediately after trip
• Complete final expense report within 10 days
• Include all receipts and deposit slip from Student
Accounts if applicable
• If trip is cancelled, advance must be returned or repaid
within 5 days of the cancellation
Select Cards will be replaced by a
Travel P-Card
• Travel P-Card will be dedicated solely to the travel expenses
of the Cardholder unless an exemption is requested and
• Some cardholders may have the need to have a Travel PCard and a regular P-Card
• Must complete a new application for the Travel P-Card
• All expenses made on the Travel P-Card will automatically
flow into the Travel Section of Concur T&E
• Must be reconciled through the Travel Expense report by
the specified deadlines and must be in compliance with the
Travel Guidelines and P-Card guidelines
• Expenses on the regular P-Card will be reconciled through
the Concur Company Billing Statement (separate training)
Travel Request
• Submitted through Concur T&E prior to the trip
• Associated with Expense Report after completion
of the trip
• Must be properly authorized and funded
• Conference fee of $100 or greater paid to the
traveler as an advance
• Do not need to complete the Travel Advance
Budget worksheet BUT
• Must submit a copy of the registration form to
substantiate the amount
• Must include a copy of the registration receipt
with Expense Report to reconcile the advance
• Effective April 1, 2014 - Airfare for domestic travel must
be booked through Traveline either through the on-line
booking tool or agent direct at x2391University
• Travelers booking domestic travel through any other
method without a pre-approved exception, will not be
• Foreign air travel will be prepaid by the University if
booked through Traveline
• If foreign air travel is not booked through Traveline, the
traveler will pay for their ticket and be reimbursed
after the travel
• Exceptions may apply for student group travel
Student Travel
• Must be pre-authorized by Executive Director of
Student Life if Student Government funded
• If possible faculty/staff member should be
responsible for travel and include students on
their travel
• Must include a list of all students and their
Banner ID #’s
• All other travel guidelines apply
• Meal reimbursement cannot exceed the
maximum per diem rate per student
Athletic Team Travel
• Must be pre-authorized by Executive Director of
Athletics/Athletic Business Manager
• Athletes are included on the Coach’s Expense
• Must include a list of all students and their
Banner ID #’s
• All other travel guidelines apply
• Meal reimbursement cannot exceed the
maximum per diem rate per student
• All NCAA rules must be followed
Foreign Travel
• Review Travel Warnings at the US Department of State
• Foreign currency exchange rates – Concur T&E will convert
receipt amounts into dollars based on the conversion rate
on that day
• Business Travel Accident Policy – $100,000 for accidental
death and dismemberment
• Illness – University medical coverage (see YSU Human
Resources website)
• Injury – Worker’s Compensation
• Travel insurance policies exclude certain countries
• If grant funded may be required to fly US flagged airline
• Other Reimbursable Expenses – Laundry if trip is more than
5 days, reasonable telephone, fax, computer connection,
and necessary business costs
• Some states offer tax exemptions for certain expenses such
as hotel tax. See the Travel webpage
• Spousal Travel – reimbursable only if integral part of trip
• Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement
– Job Candidates – use HR forms
– Independent Contractors – PAF form
• Non-Reimbursable Items – alcohol, personal expenses,
insurance for rental vehicles, fines, tickets, interest charges,
etc. see guide for expanded but not exhaustive list
Financial Manager Responsibilities
• Must ensure travel is appropriate
• Must ensure that the budget is available in the
FOAP being charged
• Must ensure final travel is complete and in
compliance with University policy
Reporting and Documentation of
All sections must be completed
Attach Travel Request to Expense Report
Attach Advance Request to Expense Report if applicable
Allocate all receipts – Travel P-Card and cash out of pocket
to Expense Report
• All expenses require a copy of itemized receipts except for:
– Per diem meals
– Less than $25 such as parking and tolls
• Some grants may require receipts for all expenses
• All Travel P-Card receipts must be attached to Expense
• If any meals are for Business Related Expenses- the
attendees and business purpose must be completed and
the BRE account 701330 must be used
Contact Information
• YSU Travel Services – Rhonda Lucivjansky
x3117 or email [email protected]
• Enterprise and USAVE rentals – Jan Jordan
x2313 or email [email protected]
• Traveline – Tracey x2391
• Procurement Services website – page

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