:- Planning to be outstanding, Excellent outcomes in the English

Planning to be Outstanding:
Excellent Outcomes in the
English Classroom
Helen Angell and Jayne Crosby
Outstanding Progress
Individuals 2 minutes
• On the A5 sheet you have been provided with,
give three examples of what you think
outstanding progress looks like in English
• Stick these to the wall, we will be returning to
Relevant, Realistic and Recent
This week at JCA...
• Consider recent events in students’ eyes
• Motivate students because of relevance to
their lives
• Engage with a genuine task and audience
Your aims are:
1. to take an active role in group discussion,
2. to discuss, in detail, all the topics you are
3. to devise four key questions to ask your
new principal, Mr Angell.
How do we show short term progress
in the classroom?
10 minutes
• Watch the following video
• Focus on the student your group have been allocated
• Where is this student at the moment?
• How would you move this student on?
• How far do you think you could move this student on in
this individual activity?
• What piece of advice would you give the student to
ensure progression?
• Prepare 60 seconds of feedback for the workshop
Capturing Individual Student Progress
How do we build long term progress in
the classroom?
One Student’s Journey
• Jordan is a Year 10 student at a CLF academy
• His KS2 data has predicted the GCSE target of
a B grade for English
• Jordan’s teacher thinks that he will exceed this
grade at the end of Year 11
Loving Literary Reading
Groups 10 minutes
Your group has been given a selection of extracts from Jordan’s work.
• Arrange them in chronological order and stick them to your sugar
paper. Annotate your sheet with the following points:
• Identify features of Jordan’s response at each stage to justify your
• What activities has the teacher used to ensure progress between
each stage?
• What activities and advice would you give Jordan to ensure further
progression to achieve his target B grade and beyond?
• Prepare 60 seconds of feedback for the workshop
Jordan’s Progress
Orwell uses suspense in sentences like “At this there was a horrible baying sound.” Sentences like this
show that something is going to happen.
Squealer is shown as talented, manipulative and able to make a good argument using rhetorical questions
like “surely you don’t want Jones back?” to make the animas agree with him through ‘unanswerable’
arguments. Also the animals always believe anything he says, as is shown by “if comrade Napoleon says it,
it must be right.”
Atticus isn’t presented as a racist character due to factors such as: he isn’t afraid to talk about the rights of
black people. For example we can see from the quote, “I don’t know of any law that says they can’t talk.”
This also implies that Atticus respects them.
The quote “Borrow Calpurnia” contradicts what I said and could show that Atticus treats Cal as an object
because of her Race, this could also imply that Atticus has a lot of authority in the house. This behaviour is
also shown by Aunt Alexandra which could make Cals attitude towards other people in the family, such as
To Kill a Mockingbird is a Bildungsroman. The novel is about Jem and Scout coming-of-age and gaining a
more mature understanding of the world in which they live.
“It’s like bein’ a caterpillar in a cocoon. I always thought Maycomb folks were the best folks in the world,
least that’s what they seemed like.”
This leads to a loss of innocence as they realise that their community is not as perfect as they imagine, and
that the innocent are not always freed.
In this extract Orwell present Mr Pilkington as a critical but pleasant person. Adjectives such as “excellent”
and “neighbourly” show this. Although the quote “Napoleon and Pilkington had each played an ace of
spades simultaneously.” This could suggest that they are both cheats; sly and untrustworthy.
George Orwell created a tense atmosphere, “sharp, suspicious glances.” This quote implies that humans
and animals do not trust each other. It could also suggest the ‘alliance’ will fail, just like Russia, UK and
USA in the anti-German alliance in the late 1930s.
Outstanding Every Day
Pairs 5 minutes
So, what is outstanding progress?
• Return to the A5 sheets from the beginning of
the session
• How has your understanding of outstanding
progress changed or developed?
• Identify one aspect of outstanding progress
you could now use. Write this one idea on the
Outstanding CLF English Practice:
• Students can articulate their progress with
reference to meaningful success criteria
• Understanding that progress is bespoke
• Understanding barriers
• Understanding how different students learn
• 4 levels of progress; a D grade is outstanding for a
student who begins Year 7 at level 2!

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