How to be prepared for an FTE Review

FTE Review
Are you
Jennifer Wall
Director of Membership and Community
Relations at OAPCS
What is an FTE Review?
An FTE review is conducted by the
Ohio Department of Education to
ensure that Community Schools are
maintaining the required
documentation to verify the amount of
instructional hours/days reported in
When will my school go through
an FTE Review?
1st Year Schools - Throughout the first year of operation.
October-initial visit.
March – first FTE Review visit
June – Final and full FTE Review visit
Existing schools -5 year cycle, recommendations, high
level of fatal errors previous year, large final fiscal year
adjustment from previous year, random selection
How to help ODE with the
•Please be sure that ODE is in a comfortable
•Documents are in an organized manner
•Staff at your school can work with them
•Knowledgeable staff member is there to help assist
What can you do to be prepared?
Laptop with access to SOES
SOES Coordinator
School Calendar
Attendance and Enrollment Policy
Attendance Records – organized manner
All IEPs and ETRs (Including withdrawn students)
Rosters, one with SSID and student name and one
with ONLY SSID number.
Laptop with SOES Access
It is very valuable to have a laptop and/or
access to SOES during the FTE Review Process.
This allows for your school personnel to make
changes/updates immediately and do any
research on student data if necessary.
SOES Coordinator
Who knows your data, better than the person
that works with it?
If SOES Coordinator is unavailable have
someone else that is knowledgeable work
with ODE Staff member.
School Calendar
•ODE will review the calendar and cross check it
against your profile in SOES.
•Start and End dates must match your profile.
•Calamity days must be properly documented and
noted on the calendar.
Attendance and Enrollment
•Student Handbook is critical at this point of the
FTE Review.
•Attendance policy.
•Enrollment checklist.
IEPs and ETRs
• Have the Special Education Coordinator
present at this portion of the FTE Review
• All IEPs must be current, signed and dated
prior to December 1st.
• ETRs must show the disability or eligibility
• This information will be verified against
special education students listed in SOES.
• ODE will need two rosters in the same font/size.
• Information in the roster must contain the following:
– Last Name – This only needs to be on one of the rosters. Remove on the
roster to ODE.
– First Name – This only needs to be on one of the rosters. Remove on the
roster to ODE.
– Date of Birth
– Grade Level
– SPED Category
– IEP Date
– Entity Name
– From Date
– To Date
– Total Units
– Review Status
How does attendance affect the FTE
• At the FTE Review attendance will be reviewed
and verified.
• Start date in SOES, must match attendance
records start date
• End date in SOES, must match attendance
records end date
What will happen next?
• Results will be reviewed with SOES person and
school administrator on the day of the review
• ODE will complete a FTE Review Report Form and
• Form and letter will be sent to School Leader and
• All errors must be cleaned up by May 15th and
that includes the CS Fatal Error Report as well.
• Depending on preliminary FTE Review, ODE may
return at a later date to verify that
changes/recommendations were implemented

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