Join the 24/7 Reference Coop Referral Group

A QuestionPoint
Quick Guide
Join the 24/7 Reference
Coop Referral Group
A quick tutorial on:
① How to configure your library’s
QuestionPoint account to allow referral
of your chat transcripts and e-mail
questions to any other library of the
QuestionPoint 24/7 Cooperatives;
② How to use the referral option to
refer a transcript or e-mail question
1. You must be a member of one of the various 24/7
Reference Cooperatives
2. Your profile must be ‘Active’ in the QP Global Reference
Your Institution Services page in the
Profile Module should look like this:
If your Profile is not yet “Active”, follow the instructions at:
and return to these instructions after your profile has been
activated, (usually an overnight process.)
Steps to joining the “24/7 Referral
1. Log into QuestionPoint with Admin account (9 digit)
2. Navigate to Admin Module
3. Choose “Virtual Groups” tab
4. Click on “Join a Group” link.
5. Search Groups by name by entering “24” in the search
box, and clicking “Go”.
6. Join the “24/7 Cooperative Libraries” group
7. Await confirmation that you have been approved
Admin Module/Virtual Groups Tab/
Click Join a Group link
Search Groups, enter “2” click “Go”
Click “Join this Group”
While You Await Approval
This is what your page will look like while you await approval
Once Your Institution is Approved
This is what your page will look like after you have been approved.
② Using the 24/7 Cooperative
Referral Group
1. Open the full view of the transcript you want to refer;
2. Click the “refer to” drop down list;
3. Choose “Partner (Cooperative)”, click the
4. Choose “Show Only Partners with Expertise in:”;
Groups: “24/7 Reference Cooperative libraries”; click the
b) At the “Select Partner” drop-down menu, select the
library that you want to refer to;
5. Click the “Refer” button.
From The Question Detail choose
“Refer to Cooperative Partner”, then click
Choose “24/7 Cooperative Libraries”
Select a Partner from the “to” drop-down
list, explain your reason for referral
(optional), then click “Refer”
Choose one of the libraries that
appears on the drop down list
Tell the library you have chosen
why you are referring this
transcript to them
What will happen next in your Account
• The question will be visible in the following lists of your library’s QuestionPoint
• Active
• Pending
• Referred
• It will have a status of “Pending”.
• If/when the referred-to library answers the patron, you will receive notification
that an answer has been sent
• If/when the referred-to library closes the question, it will move to your
“Closed” list as well.
What will happen next in “their” account
• The question will appear in the referred to library lists as
• Active
• New
• It will have a status of “New”
• If the library has email notification set up, an email will be sent to that
account, alerting them that they have a new question to be answered.
• The library will be able to respond directly to the patron.
What if the library you want to
refer to isn’t on the list?
• Not all libraries will join right away (it’s big Cooperative!)
• Some large groups may be represented by only one
institution, which chooses to do all follow-ups. Look for a
state-wide or group-wide referral name.
For more information…
For more administrative set-up Information, download the
QuestionPoint Administrator Set-Up Guide at:

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