Using REST and Freemarker to Build Components

Using REST and Freemarker to
Build Components
“let’s make something”
“I want to show the most recent blog
article and when it was posted”
Ok, no problem. First get the message from
And assign that to a freemarker variable
<#assign recent=
essages />
“No,wait! I only want it to come from
my blog. It’s called “Bloggy” and it’s
the best
Still no problem. We’ll just change our REST call
to be specific to one board.
<#assign recent =
e=1”).messages />
“What’s that ‘/restapi/vc’ thing?
If you want to see your pure xml response in the
browser you need to have “restapi/vc” in the url.
If you are making the call in Freemarker, we take
care of that part for you.
Is the same as this:
<#assign myCall = rest(“/boards/id/lithiumblog/topics/recent?page_size=1”) />
Now let’s write out our article title and date
<a href=“${[email protected]_href}”>
<span class=“post-time”>
“What kind of date is that?? I can’t
read that!”
Welcome to Bloggy 2013-11-18T17:34:08+00:00
Good point, you can get more user friendly info
by adding a parameter to your rest call
<#assign recent =
essages />
This changes the response for post time from
<post_time type="date_time">2013-11-18T17:34:08+00:00</post_time>
To this:
<post_time type="date_time" view_date="12-02-2013" view_time="11:13
AM" view_friendly_date="yesterday">2013-1202T19:13:12+00:00</post_time>
Now we have:
<a href=“${[email protected]_href}”>
<span class=“post-time”>
${[email protected]_friendly_date}</span>
Welcome to Bloggy Yesterday
Yay, I love it.
Let’s test it!
What Happened?
We used @view_friendly_date without ever
checking that it existed.
“FIX IT!!”
<a href=“${[email protected]_href}”>
<span class=“post-time”>
<#if [email protected]_friendly_date[0]??>
${[email protected]_friendly_date}
${[email protected]_date}
Gives you:
“Yay, it’s perfect”
Happy Dance
Tips for Development
• Always check the XML first
• Test for variables before you use them.
• Test as both an admin user and a regular user
- permissions will kill you –
• “unit test”
• Versions tab is your friend
• Think about performance

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