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The New System of VC
Appointment and Selection:
A Stakeholders Perspective
Ms Sadaf Roohi Tauqir
Higher education reform
• 2002 has led various reform initiatives to improve quality
of higher education and university governance in
• The appointment of vice-chancellors of public sector
universities through search committees was one of such
the initiatives taken in 2002.
• The main reason was to bring in professional leadership
in universities and higher education institutions (HEIs),
through open and transparent selection process.
• Pakistan higher education system is
itself in a limbo of Islamic ideology
and British experience
(Korson1974)(Ahmad, 2004)
• Government always dominates the
higher education around the
worlds(McDaniel, 1996)
Vice Chancellor
• Vice chancellor is a very significant
position, on whom academic
leadership depends.
• Entrepreneur is used as an alternate
to leaders as the nature of
universities is changing due to
globalization. (Boyett, 1997) gives it
a name of “entrepreneurial vice
Objective of the Study
• What is the current method of the appointment
of VC in Pakistan?
• How this method is implemented in Pakistan?
• What are the Perceptions of the stakeholders?
• Case Study
• Qualitative techniques
• Interview, advertisements, news paper,
official documents
• All the members of Search Committee,
The VC, Ex VC, Governor,
Directors/Deans, and HEC
Why Stakeholder’s Perspective
• Stakeholders approach to understanding the firm in its
environment is a very influential heuristic device for
decades(Mitchell, Agle, & Wood, 1997).
• Those firm who “practice stakeholders management will
perform better profitability, stability, growth, etc”
(Pesqueux & Damak-Ayadi, 2005).
• All the stakeholders’ views are very crucial and should
be taken in to account, “the policy makers should enable
a policy-related discussion so that the public’s
participation becomes one of the forces in shaping
educational policies.”(Cheng and Cheng 1995).
Implementation of new
selection procedure
Education of VC is not consistent. All VC’s
are not PhD. Even this PhD requirement
consistency was also not observed is in
There are few cases pending in courts and
universities are run on acting VC
Wrong perceptions about search
Diverging views of stakeholders
Delay in appointments
What are the Perceptions of the
• Procedure/Basic Criteria
• Comparisons
• Transparency and merit based
• Search Committee
The Advertisement
• P.hD degree preference for the
• Academic and administrative
experience and qualities.
• Certified copies of all documents,
• Age limit, tenure and pay
• Research publications
Old Selection Procedure
New Selection Procedure
Open (Ads)
Competitive (HR procedures)
Professional (P.hD compulsion)
Merit based
Generalist versus Professionalist
• Academic community was in favor of a
professional VC
• Many saw it as a temporary shift which would be
over soon……
Transparency and merit based
• According to many respondents this
system does make merit based
appointments, but there is a big
question mark on transparency matter.
• Islam (2004) conducted a very
comprehensive study on the
administrative culture of Pakistan.
Search Committee
• “Finding people who have the desired
profile – and who would wish to become a
VC –is not simple. It requires great
professionalism in search and
selection”(Breakwell and Tytherleigh
Search Committee
• The academia respondent’s want
heavy representation of their
• Responsibilities of Search
• Higher education has been moving away
from the traditional structure, towards a
more transparent and business like
• The critical and important role of Vice
Chancellor does not leave any room for
• Search committee
• Transparency
• A consistent criteria for VC post
should be developed.
• Politics should be kept away from the
• All senior respectable professors
should be taken into confidence
Further Research Application
• We can see the application of the system of VC
appointment and selection in other provinces of
• Another area of research could be to analyze the
performance of a VC on quantitative terms.
• Then a comparable study could be generated
which would reveal the effectiveness of this new
system of VC appointment and selection as
compared to the previous system.
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