Eclipse for Jena & Arq

Eclipse for Jena & ARQ
File needed
• Jena-2.5.5
• ARQ-2.2
• Eclipse (
Part I. Create a java project
1. Open Eclipse and create a new project
2. Select java project
3. Define a project name then click finish
5. Copy lib folder in Jena-2.5.5 to the project folder
(the default path is c:\users\{yourname}\workspace\{project name})
6. Copy jena folder in Tutorial folder to src folder under your project folder
7. Right click the project folder in Eclipse and refresh it
Part II. Add library files to project
8. Right click the project folder in Eclipse and select Properties
9. Go to Java Build Path> Libraries
10. Click Add JARs… and select all the jar file in lib folder
11. Click OK to finish adding jar library
Part III. Run Jena Program
12. Select a java program, right click, select Run As> Java Application
Part IV. Run ARQ Program
13. Create a folder named arq under folder src of your project folder
14. Copy in ARQ-2.2\src\arq folder to the folder you’ve just created
15. Copy vc-db-1.rdf and arq file in the Tutorial folder to your project folder
16. Copy the files in lib folder under ARQ-2.2 folder to lib folder under your project older
17. Refresh the project folder in Eclipse and open
18. Right click the file and select Run Configurations…
19. Go to Arguments and type “--data vc-db-1.rdf --query arq\q1.rq”
20. Click Apply, Click Run
Appendix. Final Project

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