Reed Elsevier Ventures Presentation Template

Reed Elsevier Ventures Overview
Tony Askew
General Partner
Reed Elsevier Ventures
BVCA Summit
17 October 2013
Reed Elsevier is one of the world’s leading provider of
professional information solutions
~$26bn market cap
$9.3bn annual revenues
$6bn digital revenues
Reed Elsevier Ventures (REV) was founded in 2000
and has a dual focus: make money and be strategic
We have an LP/GP structure and have raised a total of
$250m from Reed Elsevier over a number of funds
REV is structured as a VC Investment Partnership
– Clear alignment of incentives with other investors and management
typical fund structure, 10 years duration for each fund
management fee
carried interest remuneration
– Invests $1m to $10m for large minority stake
typically 10-30% equity ownership
Series A/B, some later stage
Lead and syndicate investor
– Fast, transparent decision making
REV people are from the world of VC
– VC skillset: diligence, investment discipline and mindset
– Distinctive experience and network
– Active investor, board seats and governance
We run a typical venture capital process with a focus
on rigour and fast paced & clear decision making
• Rigorous diligence, VC financial
returns hurdle
• Streamlined investment approval
process (Investment Committee of
CFO, CSO & REV Partners)
• No BU champion/blackball
• Sector focus and pro-active
targeting of companies
• Active post investment via board
seats to exit
• Active portfolio management
• Aligned long term focus with
management and other investors
We invest in high growth technology, information &
media companies across the US, Europe and Israel
Large scale data, analytics & enabling technologies
Acq. By informatica
Acq. By Business Obj.
Acq. By Akamai
Acq. By IBM
Acq. By IBM
Acq. By FAST
Acq. By Vignette
Internet, information, new media & mobile
Acq. By IHS
Acq. By RH Donnelly
Acq. By D&B
Healthcare information & software
Acq. By Galapagos NV
•Acq. By Optum Health.
Please feel free to contact us to learn more
Tony Askew
Kevin Brown
General Partner
General Partner
[email protected]
[email protected]

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