habit #7--sharpen the saw notes

Sharpen the Saw
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Keep your personal self sharp
 Body
 Brain
 Heart
 Soul
 Balance is better
 All things in moderation
 Take time for a time-out
 Take time to rejuvenate
 Relax
 Treat yourself with tender loving care
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Body
 You are what you eat
 Follow the pyramid guidelines
 Listen to your body
 Pay careful attention to how different foods make you feel and from that
make your own list of “do’s” and “don’ts”
 Be moderate and avoid extremes
 Use it or lose it
 Exercise daily
 Good for your heart and lungs
 Good for giving you a shot of energy, melting away stress, and clearing
your mind
 It’s all about how you feel, not how you look
 Care for your body
 We all have different body types—be YOUR best
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Body
 I can quit whenever I want
 Ways to destroy your body
 Alcohol
 Tobacco
 Drugs
 You are no longer in control—your addiction is
 The refusal skill:
1. Ask questions
2. Name the trouble
3. State the consequences
4. Suggest an alternative
5. Take off
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Brain
 Sharpen your mind
Experience life
 Find your niche
 Find what makes you who you are
 Find your talents and skills
 Mental barriers
 Nerd syndrome—it is not cool to be smart (so NOT true)
 Screentime--time spent in front of a screen (TV, computer, video
 Pressure—once you are doing well, it is expected that you will
always do well
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Brain
 Don’t let school get in the way of your education
 Education and learning take place everywhere
 Grades are important—learning is more important
 Post-High School educational options
 What are admissions offices and companies looking at?
Standardized test scores
Extracurricular activities
Letters of recommendation
Grade point average
Communication skills
 You have to want it!!
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Heart
 Relationships and Sex
 You’re will make it
 Normal to feel depressed on occasion
 Depression is a serious illness
 Laugh or you will cry
 Laughter:
Loosens up mental gears and helps us think more creatively
Helps us cope with difficulties
Reduces stress levels
Connects us with others
Releases endorphins, nature’s natural painkillers
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Soul
 Feed your soul
 Meditating
 Serving others
 Writing in a journal
 Drawing
 Praying
 Listening to music
 Get back to nature
 Take a hike
 Go to the beach
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Soul
 A teen’s best friend
 Write in a journal or diary
 Your spiritual diet
 Do you go to church regularly?
 What do you read? Listen to?
 Sleep
 Do you keep your cell phone next to your bed?
 Do you keep your computer on with twitter or FaceBook going
all night?
 Get Real
 Time for everything
 Down time is necessary for balance and perspective
Habit #7—Sharpen the Saw
 Keep hope alive!!
 It begins with a single step
 Don’t get discouraged
 You are destined for great things
 The power and light is within you
“you can’t make footprints in the sands of time by sitting
on your butt. And, who wants to leave buttprints in
the sands of time?”
~Bob Moawad

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