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Liqui Moly is a famous, dynamically-developing innovative German company based in
the city of Ulm that manufactures more than 6000 products. Over more than 50 years of its
history, Liqui Moly has earned a strong reputation and became an undisputed leader on the
motor oil and auto chemicals market. At present, the trademark is represented in more than
100 countries across the world and the company's products include a comprehensive range
of lubricants: motor and transmission oils, chemicals for use in the auto industry, car care
products and many others. Today, Liqui Moly products can be seen everywhere from retail
shops to car assembly conveyors.
Germans love Liqui Moly and are very proud that the trademark received the
coveted Germany's Best Lubricants Brand for 2011/2012 award (according to the
German magazines Auto Motor Und Sport and AUTO Zeitung).
In consumers' mind, the company's expressive bright logo, a packaging design
that stands apart and steady product quality generate only positive
associations. Together with a truly German lineage and rich company history,
these factors create a one-of-a-kind brand image with a perfect reputation.
LIQUI MOLY products are a modern, well-balanced complex of motor and
transmission oils, lubricants, car care products and auto chemicals that feature a large
number of unique components. Excellent results demonstrated by LIQUI MOLY products
in the course of testing highlight their efficiency and innovative character coupled with
environmental friendliness and a sparing attitude to equipment.
All products are manufactured in Germany, certified and adequately protected from
fakes. The company's own modern production facilities in West Germany supply
products to customers all over the world, thus providing an important competitive
advantage as the German scrupulosity ensures steadily high quality both for products
and processes.
1. LIQUI MOLY is a well-known brand in the market segment of lubricants, auto chemicals
and car care products. However, in addition to the auto industry, it is also represented in
other related market segments and includes specific programs for light-duty motors, lorries,
boats, household equipment, weapons, motorbikes and industrial applications.
2. A comprehensive range of LIQUI MOLY products allows to satisfy any end-user needs and
start cooperation with diverse customer categories. Guaranteed quality and unique
parameters of the company products ensure the absence of customer complaints, reliable
trouble-free operation of equipment and, as a consequence, confirm a spotless reputation
of your company.
3. Our own research center and laboratories cooperate with the industry's leading R&D
institutions and universities which allows to use the latest of technology, innovative
developments and extensive research experience from diverse mechanical engineering
sectors for new product development.
4. The quality of LIQUI MOLY products begins at the raw materials selection stage
and is continuously controlled throughout the production process until the finished
product's arrival to the warehouse. LIQUI MOLY is not using recycled materials and
is working only with high-quality highly-refined base oils and environmentallyfriendly chemical components.
5. LIQUI MOLY closely monitors existing trends for the market in general and for
specific market segments. LIQUI MOLY promptly responds to change and launches
new products that meet market needs.
*LIQUI MOLY organizes seminars and conferences, participates in industry exhibitions, organizes events
aimed at customer development and provides advertising support. We consult on business development
issues, invest in organizing professional retail outlets. LIQUI MOLY provides a regular training for the
personnel of its corporate clients aiming to improve their professional skills and competence, thus ensuring a
qualitative development for its clients.
Liqui Moly products are represented in all segments of the auto market - major retail
networks, service station dealers, oil replacement stations, hypermarket networks, petrol
stations – and enjoy great popularity among consumers. All products are made in Germany,
certified and protected from faking.
Our company is actively involved in advertising campaigns in the press and on TV, uses
outdoor advertising, helps to organize goods layout onsite, sponsors motor races, actively
searches for customers in the Internet, participates in important events and exhibitions such
as International Auto Salon, places advertising materials in such leading auto magazines as
Za Ruliom, Avtomir, Quattroroute, 4х4, Car Tuning, Forsage, Moto, FHM, Playboy, Popular
Mechanics, Comtrans and many others.
LIQUI MOLY has an extensive branch and distributor network allowing to
supply our products even to most remote areas in Russia. Today, LIQUI MOLY
products can be found on more than 80% of the Russian territory.
LIQUI MOLY always uses original marketing technology and creative methods
for presenting information, provides its clients with onsite advertising support,
organizing promo events both for end users and for corporate clients.
LIQUI MOLY means vivid and positive advertising in the media and active and
emotional PR!
At present, LIQUI MOLY products are known to almost every motorist and
represented in all market segments.
LIQUI MOLY products hold a leading market position and the nation's largest
retail networks offer more than 90% of the entire company's product range. In
the retail outlets of our partners, we are one of the three leading companies in
terms of sales volume.
LIQUI MOLY is a reliable partner of the world' major automakers. This
cooperation is confirmed by a number of Russian and international certificates.
Oils and auto chemicals made by LIQUI MOLY have been officially recognized by
the world's major automakers - Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Porsche, MAN,
Volvo and others.
When they began their operations in Russia, international automakers ran into
problems associated with fuel quality and harsh Russian climate which led to breakdowns
and product recall under warranty. These problems were quickly eliminated after the
introduction of a number of new products. As a result of a mutually beneficial
cooperation, Skoda, KIA, TAGAZ, RZGA issued recommendation letters for their dealers
recommending the use of LIQUI MOLY auto chemicals for car servicing.
A thought-out pricing policy, high quality and wide range of LIQUI MOLY lubricants will
help you to diversify your business.
We are positive that cooperation with our company will be mutually beneficial and a
strategically-correct decision for our partners!
Moscow, Ryabinovaya str., 44
Tel.: (495) 7862080
[email protected]

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