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Water Programming
One of our programs major concern was the
loss of our major computers (Programming
Logic Controls) due to age. The equipment
was replaced in November 2012.
In addition we were looking to install a sixth
well which was put on hold due to funding
shortage and will have to be review in the
upcoming future.
Additional pieces of our equipment were
replace such as the ozonation equipment
and the slow sand filtration.
The system were also treated with the
flushing of the lines.
We had two boil water advisory which was
handle by our staff with the cooperation of
our community membership.
Things to do
Monitoring of the T test programming that
will review the current hardness program.
Roads and Culverts
There is a need to address the
upgrades of the road system from
the south side of the community to
the water plant and to look at ways
to repair the various aspects of the
asphalt roadway.
A funding proposal was put
forward and was supported by
AANDC but later withdrawal due
to lack of federal revenue with no
commitment to support this need
in the near future.
The Capital department will
continue to look for alternative
source of funding.
Capital Buildings
Council has supported a review of
existing school structure and has
engaged Neegan Burnside to do an
internal assessment of our building.
The following was found:
• the unit is unsafe and is not
within the building code
• the land the units occupies is
smaller than the present code
• it is difficult to continue
renovating the unit as the
problematic areas are located in
the basement
A new educational centre is planned
and as of today, we are currently
waiting for a response from AANDC
to move the feasibility study further to
design type and size of the centre.
As of today, we have completed an
internal examination of our need and
that particular report has been
forward to AANDC including our
Fire Protection
Our present program is under the
hands of Chief Stanley Nabigon
with Robert Starr as the Deputy
There is twelve members that are
in their volunteer program and still
looking for more members to
become involved
This past summer they hosted a
Nation participating in this
training exercise
The housing program is still
reviewing alternative ways to
operate their program as requested
by Council.
Programs such as “Housing As A
Business”, reviewing our lands
ensuring that all properties are
properly surveyed, examine the
implementation of Certificate of
Possession are some of the areas
our programs are reviewing.
Our program hosted our first
Housing Fair which was done this
past March with a large turnout.
We have developed an alternative
model of providing housing service
such as the Pic River Non Profit
Housing Authority Corporation.
Housing Surveys &
Lot Development
Over the past year, I received funding
from the AANDC to engage J. D.
Barnes and have work with Bill
Parsons to do the following:
Gather all AANDC survey documents
and began the review of where our
existing housing structures are
located and to identify those lots that
are not properly surveyed
Prepare a proposal to request funding
to completed the survey needed for
the balance of the community
I am currently working with the
Ontario Tech unit out of Thunder Bay
to look at future expansion of the
community which will entail a lot for
our new educational centre
Pic River Non Profit
Housing Authority
For the past two years, the Housing
Committee has been reviewing options
that can be introduce to our members to
manage our own housing program. The
Housing Department is currently
working with Four Winds Group of
Companies, Tom Laronde and Little
Thunder Consulting, Karen Bird as our
main consultants.
To prepare with the acceptance of our
new model, we requested participants
from our membership in a creation of a
logo for the corporation and out of seven
entries, one was chosen to suit our needs.
At this point final product is under review
by management and will be introduce to
Council by the end of May 2013 for their
consideration and approval.
An introduction is set for June 5, 2013 for
our membership.
Home Maintenance
The Housing Program is creating a
final version of a Housing Capacity
document that will be introduce to
community members.
Over the past year, the Housing
Program has been submitting their
application to the First Nation
Housing Market Fund to consider Pic
River as a potential client. This will
allow our housing program to utilized
their capacity funding to assist in
providing home maintenance training
directly to our membership.
maintenance, proper replacement of
furnace filters, regular caulking of
exterior windows and doors are
included in the plan along with
Housing Arrears
Policy Development
One of our biggest concerns within
our housing program is the need to
examine and gain support from our
membership to ensure payments
are made on time and on a regular
One of the supporting documents
we are now reviewing and adopting
is Arrears Management process
supported by Council direction
which was passed on March 21,
2007 and was distributed to our
To ensure that we have the support
of our membership in terms of the
needed direction to take, a
meeting will be called in June to
gain their input and support prior
to adopting such a procedure.
Housing Policy
The current housing policy is
under review and being considered
for amendment. This exercise is
expected to be completed by the
end of June 2013.
The housing program realize the
approved as this will be key
document for the upcoming
authority structure.
Thank you
For further updates on housing,
please check your mail for our
“Housing Fair Success .”
Our next housing session is
scheduled to go forth on June 5,
For those members who want to
take part in our housing policy
amendment session, please call
and leave your name with our
office and a schedule will be
provided to you.
And remember for those members
who wish to take part in our
forward your names to our office
by the end of August 2013.

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