Company Overview
HS Brands International is a global mystery shopping and loss prevention
HS Brands International currently has 6 offices worldwide; Boston, Las Vegas,
Switzerland, Turkey, India and Argentina.
HS Brands International is a member of the Mystery Shopping Provider’s
What is a Mystery Shop?
When a shopper posing as an actual customer shops a HarleyDavidson location. The shopper then writes a report detailing their
experience. Mystery shops can focus on a number of different
things for automotive clients, including:
• Customer Service
• Sales Skills
• Follow Up
• Cleanliness
• Best Practices
The Mystery Shopping Process
1. Each month locations are scheduled to be shopped using a
shopper in our database.
2. Shoppers are selected based on their previous shop rating and
3. Once the survey is done, the shopper completes an online form
and submits it for editing.
4. Editors will review the survey to check for consistency, accuracy
and grammar. The survey is then finalized.
5. Once finalized, the survey gets emailed to the appropriate parties
within Harley-Davidson. This survey will appear in the shop logs and
reporting system immediately. All shop results are in real-time.
Mystery Shopper Profiling, Selection and Training
All mystery shoppers are tested, trained and ranked.
Any person in the world that wishes to become a mystery shopper signs up in one of our
databases depending upon where they live.
Once in the database they are required to complete extensive demographic data about
themselves, which includes gender, race, marital status, children, income level and education
level. They also supply us with a writing sample.
Our proofreading team, who also determines if this person can become an active shopper now
capable of receiving potential mystery shopping jobs, reviews the writing samples.
Once active, the shoppers receive e-mails that detail potential mystery shopping jobs in their area.
Their request for a particular job is sent to our scheduling team who selects which shoppers are
best for a particular assignment.
The proofreading team reviews the mystery shop and grades the performance on a scale of 1-10.
Shoppers that did exactly what they were instructed; such as provide a detailed report with no
grammatical mistakes or contradictions and submit the report on time receive a 10. For each
missing piece or any need for cleanup or contact to the shopper by the proofreader lowers the
score. Once the final rating is selected, the proofreader writes a detailed list of what could have
been done by the shopper to achieve a higher or perfect score.
Going forward the scheduling team uses this rating in it’s selection process and potentially
deactivates shoppers that fall below our acceptable threshold of 7.
Finalized Mystery
Fully customizable
survey dashboard
and the ability to
brand with
company colors.
Data and Reporting
All data is in real time!
3 Pronged Approach to Reporting:
- Viewing data on screen: You can view the
data on screen within our Sherlock software
system or export/PDF the reports
- Data export: You can export the data for
further manipulation and analyzing.
- Use Sherlock’s suite of reports: Sherlock
has over 50 statistical reports ranging from
geographic reports to trending over time.
These reports are fully customizable too.
View our reporting video here.
Sherlock is HS Brands International’s software
system. It allows you to login and see completed
surveys and run reports using historical data from
previous customer satisfaction surveys.
Logging in to the system
• Once on the login page, click “Client Login.”
• Enter client name, your username and
Client Home
Navigational tools and
Customized Dashboards.
Reports: Access to all reporting
Locations: View all locations
plus average survey scores.
Shop Logs: Access to all
completed surveys, PDF
capabilities and email.
View Form: View your survey.
My Account: View and modify
login details.
Reports Home
All reports are
categorized by
type. i.e. Location
reports, survey
reports, trending
and graph
reports, etc.
1. Choose the survey from the main dropdown menu at the
top that you wish to run reports on.
2. Access all reports from this screen.
3. Choose a report from a dropdown menu, then click “Go.”
Company Overview Report
1. Choose date range.
2. Under show, choose subdivisions or stores.
3. Under display options, hide lines with no evaluations
and exclude deactivated stores to show only lines with
4. Click “Full View.”
Company Overview Results
• The Company
Overview Report
allows client
managers to generate
reports on every
company subdivision
within the company's
Quick Ranking Report
1. Choose date range.
3. Choose an option from the drop down menu
for the report to rank on. i.e. evaluation
score or a sectional score.
3. Click “Full view.”
Quick Ranking Results
• This report allows a
manager to rank their
locations in relation to one
• You can click on “S2,”
“S3,” etc. to rank locations by
section heading.
• Clicking on “Average
Score” ranks each location
from high to low on their
average score.
Survey Summary Report
Choose date range.
Check off boxes depending on what you want the
report to showcase.
Click “Full view.”
Survey Summary
• The Survey
Summary Report
shows you the
percentage of time a
question is
answered “yes”
versus “no.”
• Turn positive
percentages green
and negative
percentages red.
What sets us apart?
• International presence; satellite offices in Las
Vegas, Switzerland, India, Turkey and
• Nevada
• Licensed Private Investigators
• We are able to provide a full scale outsourced
customer service and loss prevention
operation and everything in between.
• We’re not into sales. We’re into logic and
building relationships.
Partial Client List
Batteries +
Bellagio Resort and Casino
Cousin’s Subs
Dunkin’ Donuts
Hyatt Gaming
Jiffy Lube International
Johnny Rockets
The Light Group
National Amusements
Olympia Sports
Papa John’s
Ripley’s Believe It or Not
Spencer’s Gifts
Smokey Bones
Treasure Island Resort and Casino
Westin Hotels
Wolfgang Puck
Claudia Brea, President
[email protected]
Florida 930 p. 2° A
C1005AAT Buenos Aires

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