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London, England, UK (Live)
Johannesburg, South Africa (Live)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Live)
Dallas, Texas, USA (Live)
New York, New York, USA (Simulcast)
Washington, DC, USA (Simulcast)
Festival Of Hope (FOH)
Iconic Cause + Music Event
Doha, Qatar (Live)
September 5-7,
July 1-5,
Cotton Bowl Stadium & Fair Park
Dallas, TX
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What is the Festival of HOPE?
iconic cause + music event
What is the Festival of HOPE?
Health + Opportunity + Purpose + Education
Quality healthcare for everyone, everywhere.
Doors opened with a hand up, not a hand out.
A reason to invest in self development.
Knowledge, skills and intellectual capital for life.
iconic cause + music event
This will be the largest charity event in history, raising more donations
than have ever been raised at one time for charities supporting
$1.0 billion for
$1.0 Billion for
100 charities
iconic cause + music event
Charities will be selected according to their specific mission to
meet HOPE objectives, and vetted for their financial efficiency.
Criteria include:
• Official charity registration.
• Percentage of funds going to programs, not administration.
• Low overhead including executive compensation.
• Specific projects for donations that are made, which can be
audited and reported online showing how funds are invested.
• Continuing availability of data for donors to monitor use.
• Representatives available to come to Dallas to answer
questions from public and press.
iconic cause + music event
Paul Flattery (35 years): Producer and director; concert, video
and live TV. Live Earth, Live 8 production team; Emmy winner.
John Conk (43 years), Henry Smith (40 years): Concert and world
tour managers. Event Services Inc. provides full service from site
selection to lighting/sound to security to video post-production.
Steve Brown (30 years): Producer and director; high-tech laser
shows and concerts.
Edward Tydda (30 years): Producer, director and manager;
concerts and live events. Live Aid ‘85 production team.
Combined Total Experience: 178 years
iconic cause + music event
U2 360 Tour Raleigh
Madonna Sweet & Sticky World Tour
Jay Z US Concert
Eminem US Tour
Def Leppard Live
James Taylor Private Party
Kenny Chesney
Dave Matthews Band
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel Hershey Park
Metallica Multiple Dates
George Strait Tour
Prince Private Party
Spirit - The Seventh Fire US Tour
Alabama Live in Concert
Lynryd Skynryd Live in Concert
Genesis We Can't Dance World Tour
iconic cause + music event
Led Zeppelin on Tour
Dave Matthews Band Great Lawn, Central Park
Kenny Chesney No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems
David Bowie Sound & Vision World Tour
Bruce Springsteen World Tour
Kiss / Aerosmith Battle of the Bands Tour
Bon Jovi US Tour
Linkin Park Live in Texas
Metallica Summer Sanitarium Tour
Styx / REO National Cattle Congress
Tom Petty
Pearl Jam
Foo Fighters
Journey Live
Cher World Tour
Counting Crows World Tour
Alan Jackson Tour
iconic cause + music event
Pink Floyd Division Bell World Tour
John Mellencamp Summer Work Tour
Sheryl Crow MTV Concert
Turandot Opera Beijing & Budapest
Janet Jackson Live from Aloha Stadium
‘N Sync World Tour
The Three Tenors World Tour
U2 Popmart World Tour
U2 Zoo TV World Tour
Michael Jackson History World Tour
Michael Jackson Dangerous World Tour
Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Tour
Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon World Tour
Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge World Tour
Rolling Stones Urban Jungle
Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour
ZZ Top European Tour
iconic cause + music event
Live Aid, Live 8, Live Earth
Rothbury Festival
Sting in Central Park
Fan Fest Nashville
Dave Matthews Band Central Park
Memphis in May Beale Street Music
The Social at Ross
Tribeca Film Festival
Detroit Music Festival
Fan Fair Country Music Festival
Dalai Lama in Central Park
Cross Roads Guitar Festival
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Detroit Jazz Festival
Music Midtown Festival
Woodstock ‘99
Dunkin’ Donuts
Anheuser Busch
Old Spice
Moet & Chandon
Harley Davidson
American Express
Red Bull
Victoria’s Secret
Atlanta Olympics ‘96
iconic cause + music event
2014: 19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards, Daytona 500 Curtain-Raiser,
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards.
2013: Fox's New Year’s Eve, American Country Awards, An American Cinematheque
Tribute to Jerry Bruckheimer, Teen Choice Awards, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards,
Critics’ Choice TV Awards, O Music Awards, Hooters' International Swimsuit Pageant,
Behind the Music Remastered (Motorhead, Deep Purple), Hub's Halloween Bash.
2012: 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief, American Country Awards, An American
Cinematheque Tribute to Ben Stiller, Emmys Red Carpet Live, Teen Choice Awards,
26th Annual Genesis Awards, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
2011: American Country New Year's Eve Live, An American Cinematheque Tribute to
Robert Downey Jr., American Country Awards, Countdown to the American Music
Awards, The Brain Storm, ALMA Awards, I.Am First: Science Is Rock & Roll, Teen Choice
Awards, Critics' Choice TV Awards, 25th Annual Genesis Awards, Nickelodeon Kids’
Choice Awards, 16th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards.
2010: New Year's Eve Live!, American Country Awards, Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest,
Teen Choice Awards, Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon: An American Cinematheque
Tribute, 24th Annual Genesis Awards, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
iconic cause + music event
2009: Billboard's New Year's Eve Live, Alma Awards, Teen Choice Awards, 23rd Annual
Genesis Awards, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, 14th Annual Critics' Choice Awards,
Samuel L. Jackson: An American Cinematheque Tribute.
2008: American Music Awards Red Carpet Live, Macy's Passport Celebrity Catwalk
Challenge, High School Musical: Get in the Picture (TV Series), Teen Choice Awards,
VH1 Rock Honors: The Who, Your Mama Don't Dance (TV Series), Nickelodeon Kids'
Choice Awards, 13th Annual Critics' Choice Awards.
2007: Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, Julia Roberts: An American Cinematheque
Tribute, Teen Choice Awards, Live Earth: Concerts for a Climate Crisis, Live Earth
Documentary, VH1 Rock Honors, 21st Annual Genesis Awards.
2006: Nokia New Year's Eve, George Clooney: An American Cinematheque Tribute,
Arby's Action Sports Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, VH1 Rock
Honors, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Second JammX Kids All-Star Dance Special,
JammX Kids All Star Dance Special, Al Pacino: An American Cinematheque Tribute,
Miss America – The Movie, 11th Annual Critics' Choice Awards.
iconic cause + music event
2005: Billboard Music Awards, Miss America Pageant, The Right Spectacle: The Very
Best of Elvis Costello - The Videos, Teen Choice Awards, Live 8 TV Special World
Broadcast, Nick & Jessica's Tour of Duty, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Steve
Martin: An American Cinematheque Tribute, Billy Squier: Video Hits, Blondie: Video
Hits, 10th Annual Critics' Choice Awards.
2004: Billboard Music Awards, Nick & Jessica's Family Christmas, Genesis: The Video
Show (Segments: "No Son Of Mine", "I Can't Dance", "Hold On My Heart", "Jesus He
Knows Me", "Invisible Touch", "Throwing It All Away", "Land Of Confusion", "Tonight,
Tonight, Tonight", "Anything She Does", "In Too Deep"), Miss America Pageant, Teen
Choice Awards, Crosby, Stills & Nash: The Acoustic Concert, Summer Music Mania,
VH1 Divas, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
2003: Billboard Music Awards, Dance Fever, Comedy Central Presents: The Commies,
Nicole Kidman: An American Cinematheque Tribute, Michael Jackson: Number Ones,
Island Birthday Bash, Miss America Pageant, Pat Benatar: Choice Cuts - The Complete
Video Collection, Teen Choice Awards, Summer Music Mania, VH1 Divas Duets,
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Hollywood Celebrates Denzel Washington: An
American Cinematheque Tribute.
iconic cause + music event
2002: Billboard Music Awards, Blockbuster Hollywood Christmas Spectacular, Blondie:
Greatest Video Hits (Segments: "Dreaming", "Atomic", "Union City Blue", "The Hardest
Part"), Miss America Pageant, Teen Choice Awards , Summer Music Mania, CMT Flame
Worthy Video Music Awards, VH1 Divas Las Vegas, World's Greatest Commercials,
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, CBS/VH1 Grammy Countdown, Hollywood Salutes
Nicolas Cage: An American Cinematheque Tribute.
2001: Teen Choice Presents: Teenapalooza, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards,
Billboard's Rock 'n' Roll New Year's Eve, TNN/CMT Country Weekly Music Awards,
3rd Annual TV Guide Awards, Summer Music Mania, Billboard Music Awards, Teen
Choice Awards, Billy Joel: The Essential Video Collection (Segment: "A Matter of
Trust"), Concert for New York City, California Summer Countdown, Babyface: A
Collection of Hit Videos.
2000: Billboard's Rock 'n' Roll New Year's Eve, A Holiday Music Spectacular from Miami
Beach, Holiday Music Spectacular, Hi-Fi Room (TV Series), Summer Music Mania,
Britney in Hawaii, Billboard Music Awards, Britney Spears: There's No Place Like Home,
'N Sync: 'Ntimate Holiday Special, Hollywood Salutes Bruce Willis: An American
Cinematheque Tribute, Teen Choice Awards, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
iconic cause + music event
Detailed event budgets for each venue, expenditure summaries,
charity donation summaries, and financial audits will be
prepared quarterly by BDO, the world's fifth largest accounting
firm serving clients from 1,200 offices in 139 countries.
Sponsor funds will be insured and bonded by Marsh and Aon,
world specialists in unique event guarantees.
100% of public charitable donations will be reported with data
for each charity available on the FOH website.
Allen Global Enterprises LLC will manage contracting through a
special BVI entity formed to manage funds from sponsors and
ticketing, and monitored continuously by BDO.
iconic cause + music event
iconic cause + music event
Available Seating
45,000 X 3 days
95,000 X 2 days
95,000 X 2 days
Rio de Janeiro
200,000 X 3 days
95,000 X 3 days
Cotton Bowl Stadium & Fair Park
iconic cause + music event
Dallas, Texas
iconic cause + music event
Charitable events in seven major cities on five continents:
Doha – London – Johannesburg – Rio de Janeiro – Dallas
New York – Washington,
A place in history earned for setting the standard
for this type of global charitable event,
An unmatchable platform to speak to the World
on the importance of charity and value of education,
A billion dollars raised for 100 charities worldwide for
Health, Opportunity, Purpose and Education.
iconic cause + music event
& iOS, Android, Microsoft 7 apps
iconic cause + music event
London, England, UK (Live)
Johannesburg, South Africa (Live)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Live)
Dallas, Texas, USA (Live)
New York, New York, USA (Simulcast)
Washington, DC, USA (Simulcast)
Festival Of Hope (FOH)
Iconic Cause + Music Event
Doha, Qatar (Live)
September 5-7,
July 1-5,
Cotton Bowl Stadium & Fair Park
Dallas, TX
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iconic cause + music event
What is the strategic purpose and outcome of this endeavor – the “prize”?
• Create an unmatchable platform from which to speak to the World on the value of
education, the gift that generates personal, societal, economic, and political
benefits for a lifetime.
• Raise record-setting contributions to charities supporting education, health and
hunger relief to meet the World’s hunger in mind and body.
• Engage four billion viewers and fans worldwide, while earning a place in history for
setting the standard for this type of global event.
Why should artists and sponsors be excited and inspired by this?
• This global event will span distance, time, and cultures with music, the universal
language that connects us all.
• Continued coverage over the event’s full three days, from the opening ceremony to
the close, will showcase a sponsor’s purpose, products and philosophy.
• The World will see, as it happens, the defining moment of a generation’s global
movement toward awareness, tolerance, and cooperation.
iconic cause + music event
What are the imperatives for this to occur?
• This is not a competitive event similar to winning a bid for the Olympic Games or
World Cup, but rather a fight against the tyranny of the clock and calendar.
• Competition is for the attention of those whose participation will generate its
success – the artists and producers. This confidence will be gained when they see
commitment of financial and intellectual resources sufficient to carry the event
through to a successful completion.
• For that, the Primary Sponsor must be “all in … to the end.”
• Artists, producers, managers, and executive producers will leave their egos at home
and focus on the success of the larger event.
• Contracts with producers, venues, artists, and media must be in place in time to
organize and schedule the details of all artists’ performances and special events.
• Advanced RFID ticketing and social media outreach systems will be tested and finetuned in two smaller events in the run-up to this event in 2015.
iconic cause + music event
What is the strategy?
The Executive Production team has:
• Long-standing strategic relationships within the music and entertainment sector;
• Deep experience in mega-event production including the original “Live Aid”, “Live
Earth”, “Live 8”, and “Woodstock ’99”;
• A novel RFID ticketing system and related social media marketing system;
• Relationships and ongoing discussions with American Express, MySpace, E-Checks,
and major insurers;
• Commitments from major vendors at the event’s largest venue, Fair Park in Dallas;
• Current outreach to over 250,000 Twitter followers and growing fast; and
• Relationships with key government representatives in London, Rio de Janeiro, and
These already substantial assets will be integrated into five production “blocks” with
central coordination to orchestrate the event.
iconic cause + music event
What are the operational aspects and implementation model?
• Five of the World’s most experienced event producers, one of its top business
strategists, and two dozen marquee acts have joined the team.
• Individual live venues – Doha, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, and Dallas –
will be handled as “blocks,” with individual senior producers handling each one.
• Integration of performances will be managed at a central media studio.
• Special events crossing multiple venues or time zones will be coordinated by the
central production team.
• Event will follow a 60-minute “production wheel.” Conceptually, rather than put on
a single 12-hour concert, production teams will put on a series of 12 one-hour
concerts, each with same schedule template. Transitions will occur at the same
minute within each hour so those at each venue will know where they are on “the
iconic cause + music event
Points of Light:
• Largest worldwide charity event ever produced in history September 5th 6th and 7th
of 2015; an historic worldwide event spanning distance, time, and cultures that will
be remembered for generations.
• Executive Production Board includes five of the world’s most experienced live
music event producers.
• 150 hours of live music over 3 consecutive days broadcast live from 5 locations:
Doha, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, and Dallas.
• 4 Billion people: More people will view this event than the Olympics, World Cup,
Super Bowl, Masters Golf Tournament, and US Open Tennis Tournament combined.
• 1.4 Million tickets will be available to 3-day live concert events.
• Related events may pull in as many as 8 Million fans in Dallas and over 3 Million in
Rio de Janeiro.
• 100% of donations (>$1 Billion) will go to 100 pre-selected and vetted charities
with zero administrative deductions.
• 1.5 Million trees planted, all live music venues carbon neutral or positive.
iconic cause + music event
• Largest laser and fireworks shows ever produced.
• Largest ever walkathon across the US – from Dallas to New York in 4 months –
terminating at Times Square on Christmas Day, televised on “Good Morning
• Primary Sponsor’s logo illuminated in fireworks visible and televised from
International Space Station.
• Live concert begins in city of Primary Sponsor in the Middle East and ends in Dallas,
followed by beginning of walkathon to New York City.
• Many of world’s top musicians and artists will perform live in city where event
begins in Middle East. Some will “bookend,” i.e. play both there and in Dallas.
• Primary Sponsor’s logo will appear on every ticket sold, on all merchandising (e.g.
clothing, posters, videos, etc.), on all printed and televised media, on all large
screen TV’s, and on all outside stadium banners and posters at each site.
• Comparison: “Live Aid” reached over 2 Billion fans in 1985, and expected to raise
$1.5 Million. It raised $283 Million in one day, and to date has raised nearly …
$500 Million
iconic cause + music event
Reader’s Notes:
iconic cause + music event
Self protection
Self reliance
Self direction
Self development
Individual sustainability,
the ultimate goal of every charity.

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