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Migrating libraries to
hosted QuestionPoint chat
Move libraries in your group to
the latest version of the hosted
QuestionPoint chat forms
Prepared by:
Carol Bonnefil
Sr. Product Analyst
• You must have one or more Chat Queues within your BME.
• Each library in your group must have a Primary Queue
Verify your group’s assigned Queues
• Log into your BME QuestionPoint account (9 digit number)
• >Go to Administration Module
• >Subscription Group tab
• >Chat Manager
• >Click on the “Chat Form” button for the Queue you want to configure or check
Queue is already configured
You will see active links (blue) for the configuration steps that
have already taken place if the form has already been created.
Chat Form is not yet configured
If the form hasn’t been fully configured, you will see grayed-out links. You
must complete each step (as follows) to configure the chat form.
View Institutions
Do this for each chat queue
Click “View Institutions” to confirm which libraries will be using
the form you build*.
*If an institution is missing, or if you feel that it is not correctly assigned,
please contact [email protected] for assistance .
Building a chat form: go step by step
If a form has not been configured for the queue, you must proceed step by
step – the links will unlock sequentially as necessary options are configured.
•Start at “Choose Languages”
Choose Languages
The first step is to choose (or confirm) the languages offered on the form.*
*Libraries that participate in the English-speaking 24/7 Chat Cooperative are
limited to an English language form .
Chat form configuration
As each step is configured, additional steps become active.
•For detailed assistance on choosing and configuring the fields on your
chat form, please consult the online help topic at:
Chat form types
Once you have configured the fields on the form and placed them in
order, you decide which type of forms you wish to make available to the
•There are three types of form under “Choose Form Availability”*
*Most BME admins choose to allow all three types of form, in order to give
maximum flexibility to their libraries.
Chat forms description
“Chat” is the simplest type of form. It is “ADA compliant” (since
there is no Viewport attached).
Chat with Viewport
“Chat with Viewport” provides a form with an attached “Viewport” frame,
which automatically displays any WebPages sent by the chatting librarian
during chat
Practice chat form
“..Practice Chat” makes the fields on the
practice chat form (on the My Questionpoint
page) closely resemble the live chat form, in
order to closely replicate the live chat
experience for librarians who are practicing
Publish your Chat form
Publishing is the last “required” step in making your chat form functional. The links will then display
in the Admin module of all of the Institutions that share that chat queue. (Admin>Forms>Forms
Manager>Chat Settings & URLS.)
IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Although the URLS will also display onscreen on the Chat Queue page at the
BME level admin page that you are working in now to configure the form, it is very important NOT
to use or send those exact formatted links to any library to use.* These URLS include the
Queue name, and it is very important not to use them on any webpage. The queue name under
most circumstances* should NOT be used by libraries within their chat link.
The URLs that the libraries should use contain all of the same information, without specifying the
Queue name in the URL. This is key to the flexibility of the coop and the system, allowing
subscriptions to be altered without having to change the URL in the future. For example, if an
institution within the group decides that it wants a private Queue going forward, they will not
have to change the links on their WebPages. The new Queue is ordered, created, and the chat
form is configured. The new Queue is then assigned to that library. They don’t have to change
any existing links or code on their website, as the Queue is paired to the form in the back office
*The only current exception to this rule is for libraries that participate in the
24/7 Spanish Chat cooperative. Those libraries receive a specially constructed
link that contains a Queue name.
Post-Publishing BME level options
As the BME admin, you control the “Patron Waiting Messages” for the Queue
you are configuring.
You can also create a default “Chat Closed” message for patrons who click on
the link when the service is closed*.
*24/7 Coop members typically will never see a closed message.
Patron Waiting Messages
There are 5 levels of Wait Messages.
• The timing of the messages is not
•The initial message is required. The
remaining 4 can be included or
excluded as desired.
•Each of the levels can be customized
as to content, or the displayed
Default may be chosen
•The wait message can be different
for each language in which the form
is provided.
What your institutions can control
from their Admin account
Institution Administrators can:
• Configure the banner “look
and feel” for their chat
• Configure a custom “closed
message” to provide other
contact options for their
patrons in the event that the
Chat service is not open.
• Publish the “look and feel”
options that they have
An institution Admin cannot change the fields or the content of the fields
of the form itself, even if their library is the only one using that Queue’s
form. The ability to configure and change chat form content is exclusive to
the BME Admin and the QuestionPoint Administrator accounts.
For more information…
BME Admin Form creation help:
Institution Admin Form management help:
Institution Admin Qwidget configuration help:
For QuestionPoint support please email [email protected]

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