World Geography SOL WG.4 *Cultural Landscapes*

World Geography
SOL WG.4 “Cultural Landscapes”
Mr. Singleton
Latin America & the Caribbean
Mayan Pyramid at Chichen Itza (right)
Mayan City - Tikal (above)
Incan City - Machu Picchu (above)
Europe (France)
The Eiffel Tower
Gothic Cathedrals
•Chartres (above)
•Notre Dame (below)
Parisian Nights
•Arc de Triomphe (above)
•The Louvre (below)
Europe (Great Britain)
From Left to Right:
•Big Ben
•A windmill
•Westminster Abbey
•A Scottish castle
Europe (Greece & Italy)
Clockwise from Bottom Left:
•Leaning Tower of Pisa
•The Parthenon
•The Roman Forum
•The Cathedral of Florence
•The Colosseum (Coliseum)
•The Pantheon
•St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome
The United States & Canada (1)
Clockwise from Bottom Left:
•U. S. Capitol Building
•The White House
•Fanueil Hall (Boston)
•French-Canadian Stop Sign
•Independence Hall (Philadelphia)
•The Statue of Liberty
•Jefferson’s Monticello
•The Golden Gate Bridge
The United States & Canada (2)
Counter-Clockwise from Bottom Left:
•St. Louis Gateway Arch
•The Mall of America (top)
•The Empire State Building (bottom)
•The Flatiron Building (NYC Skyscraper)
•The World Trade Center (pre-9/11)
•The Sears Tower (Chicago)
•Washington D. C. Beltway © 1960s
•A Wheatfield
•The United Nations Headquarters (NYC)
Southwest Asia (the Middle East)
Jerusalem Sites (From
Left to Right):
•Church of the Holy Sepulcher
•The Dome of the Rock
•The Western Wall (top left)
•Jerusalem City Wall
(bottom left)
Istanbul Sites:
•Hagia Sophia (above)
•Suleyman Mosque (right)
Other Middle Eastern Sites:
•An Oil Rig (above left)
•The Kaaba in Mecca (above right)
Africa (Northern & Sub-Saharan)
Clockwise from Top Left:
•Great Zimbabwe (SE Africa)
•A Bazaar or suq (N. Africa)
•The Sphinx (Egypt)
•The Pyramids at Giza (Egypt)
Russia & Central Asia
Counter-Clockwise from Top Left:
•A Siberian village
•St. Basil’s Cathedral
•Soviet-style Apartment Building
•The Kremlin
•Red Square
South & Southeast Asia
2 Views of
Angkor Wat in
(Left & Right)
From Left to Right:
•A Floating Market
•The Petronas Towers
in Kuala Lumpur,
•The Taj Mahal in India
East Asia
2 Examples of
architecture, often
called “pagoda”
(right & bottom)
The Great Wall of China (above)
Australia, the Pacific Islands &
Antarctic Research Station
Sydney Opera House (Australia)
Pacific Island Thatched Roof House

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