Lecture slides

EE 372: Engineering
Electromagnetics II
Spring 2015
EM “Common Sense” Test
10 minutes
Instructor Information
Zhengqing (ZQ) Yun
Hawaii Center for Advanced Communications (HCAC)
Office: POST 201B
Phone: 6-0759
Email: [email protected]
Times and Location
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
12:30 - 1:20pm
Jan. 12 ~ May 6, 2105 (Instruction period)
 Holidays: 1/19 (Mon.), 2/16 (Mon.), 4/3 (Fri.);
Spring break: 3/23 ~ 3/27; 44 hours total
 Location: POST 127
EE 371, PHYS 274, or instructor approval
Office Hours
1:30 - 2:30pm, M, W, F
 By appointment
 Just walk in my office or email me
Homework: 30%
 Two midterms: 40%
 Final exam: 30%
 Extra points are possible
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (required)
Magdy F. Iskander, Waveland Press,
ISBN: 1-57766-115-X
Electromagnetic Waves (optional)
D. H. Staelin, et al, Prentice Hall, 1994
ISBN: 0-13-225871-4
You are encouraged to read other EM books and
Introduction (L01)
Brief review of principles of
wave motion (L02)
 Transverse Waves
 Longitudinal Waves
 Plane Waves, Cylindrical
Waves, Spherical Waves
Brief review of Maxwell's
Equations (L03)
 Faraday's Law, Ampere's
Law, Gauss' Laws
 Electromagnetic Waves
 The Electromagnetic
Wave equation and plane wave
solution (L04~06):
 Harmonic wave equation in
free space
 Plane wave solution
 Wave front and propagation
 Plane wave propagating in
arbitrary direction
Vector property of EM waves:
polarization (L07~09)
 TEM waves
 Linear polarization
 Other polarizations
 Maxwell equations without
del operator 
Laws of reflection and refraction
 Fermat’s principle
 Derivation of law of
 Derivation of law of
refraction (Snell’s law)
 Other methods for deriving
the laws
 Boundary conditions
Reflection and transmission
coefficients (L13~14):
 Boundary conditions and
 Reflection coefficient
 Transmission coefficient
Total Reflection and Total
Transmission (L15~16):
 Total reflection; critical
 Total transmission: Brewster
(polarization) angle
First midterm (L17~19)
Total field: incident + reflection
on a PEC plane (L20~22):
 Perpendicular polarization
 Parallel polarization
 Standing/propagating waves
 Concept of phase velocity
 Boundary conditions and the
uniqueness theorem
Two-plate waveguide
 Field expressions/structures:
result of multiple reflections
 Concept of modes
 Cut-off frequency
Rectangular waveguide (WG)
 Boundary value problems
 Separation of variables
solution method
 Possible modes in a
rectangular waveguide
 Concept of WG wavelength
 Concept of WG impedance
Other boundary value problems
 Rectangular resonators
 Circular waveguides
Second midterm (L31~33)
Introduction to Antennas
 Radiation of a current
 Far and near field
 Radiation pattern
 Directivity and gain
 Dipole Antennas
 Linear Antenna Arrays
 Ground effect (Image
Review for final (L42~44)
Final: Monday, May 11,
12:00pm ~ 2:00pm
Computer Animations &
EM waves are not easy to be observed
 Computers are available on campus/at home
 Animations and simulations can explain
subtle concepts and reveal physical insight
Theory + Experiment + Simulation
Course objectives
Understanding fundamental concepts and
laws governing the electromagnetic waves
 Understanding the mathematical formulation
of these laws
 Learning basic problem-solving skills and
research procedures
Homework and exams
Homework. You need to use all your learned
knowledge and skills to solve the problems.
All the steps should be clearly presented in
the solutions. Calculators and/or computers
are needed.
 Exams are testing your fundamental
understanding of the subject. Numerical
calculation is minimal. No calculators and
computers are needed.
Tips for Getting an A+
Attend all lectures
 Concentrate on EM stuff in classroom
 Learn problem solving skills from your
peers; don’t copy their work
 Ask questions when you have any, not only
in classroom, but also awat
 Participate classroom discussions
You Can Get Extra Points!
Solving challenge problems
 Doing extra homework
 Sharing news related to EM
 Finding mistakes in lectures and textbooks

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