EC SafeApps Working Group

SafeAPP Working Group
Date: 06/11/2013 v2
Meeting: Car Connectivity Consortium Summit, Krakow
Speaker and organisation: Theo Kamalski TomTom ([email protected])
Outline presentation
iMobility Forum
SafeAPP Working Group
Role of EC
Safe APPs in European context
Benefits of cooperation / liaison CCC-SafeAPPs
The Nomadic Device Forum raised the issue of driver
distraction by APPs in 2010.
Most APPs are not designed to be used by drivers
when executing their driver’s task,
they hitchhike on Nomadic Devices into the car
environment because customers wants to be
connected everywhere and being on-line all the time
also when driving the car.
Recommendations NDF
To separate applications from device types in regulation
To breakdown APPs into main functionality/driver tasks
Create cross device requirements for functionality/driver tasks
Implement a mechanism to disable/enable APPs
Add vehicle type identification
to avoid safe APPs can be used in unsafe situations (e.g. passenger car
navigation in trucks)
SafeAPP working group at a glance
Part of the iMobility Forum
Advisory for safe APPs (for drivers executing their driver’s task)
Co-chaired by Mika Rytkonen (HERE) and Theo Kamalski (TomTom)
WG started in September 2013
Final report expected by end of 2015
Current status: scope definition finalization
iMobility Forum at a glance
Initiative of the EC - DG Connect
Stakeholders platform dealing with specific topics in the
field of ITS, including research, innovation and
Co-chaired by DG Connect, ACEA, ERTICO and ACECAP
DG Move and DG Enterprise participate (deployment)
10 active and 12 dormant working groups
iMobility Forum - Vision
Safe, smart and clean mobility with zero accidents, zero delays, no
negative impact on the environment and connected and informed
citizens, where products and services are affordable and seamless,
privacy is respected and security is provided.
In the time period 2011-2020, the iMobility Forum estimates for ITS the
following potential contributions for the EU:
30% reduction in the number of fatalities
30% reduction in the number of seriously injured persons
15% reduction of road traffic related congestion
20% improvements in energy-efficiency
50% increase in availability of real time traffic and travel information
iMobility Forum - Strategy
Strategic focus is on defining research and innovation
priorities, the speeding up of overall development /
deployment processes and will cover requirements for
all stakeholders along the whole value chain
Ensure that all relevant stakeholders are participating in
the Forum
Ensure timely and high-quality deliverables from the
Working Groups
Why a SafeAPP working group?
Public aspects
APPs are part of the car and used by drivers
Negative impact of driver distraction on EU traffic safety
Industry benefits
Preventing harmful regulation at EU Member States
Having influence on regulation
Press release based on figures police of Oct 15, 2011
In Dubai, traffic accidents fell 20 per cent from average
rates on the days BlackBerry users were unable to use
its messaging service.
In Abu Dhabi, the number of accidents this week fell
40 per cent and there were no fatal accidents.
On average there is a traffic accident every three
minutes in Dubai, while in Abu Dhabi there is a fatal
accident every two days.
Tasks of SafeAPP WG
Advise EC how driver distraction of APPs can be
Help deploying the EU ITS Action Plan and Directive
Align with the HMI working group
Advice on assessment of compliance
Advice on maintenance after deployment
Advise on driver distraction
Political specifications
R&D and technological gaps
Organizational aspects
Regulation to facilitate deployment process
International cooperation (e.g. NTHSA)
Roles of European Commission
DG Connect: bringing stakeholders together, initiate
definition and R&D activities and if essential provide funding
DG Move: deployment, regulation and legislations in public
DG Enterprise: deployment, regulation and legislations in
private sector
Other DGs: internal EC support
Tools for Regulation
European Statement of Principle (ESoP) based on the
merged work of HMI and SafeAPP working group.
Directive implementation compulsory for Member
States and industry.
EU legislation e.g. making paring of phone and head unit
 Choice will depend on (potential) safety impact of APPs
Main benefits of cooperation / liaison
Political and regulatory choices will be close to market
Industry sector can influence regulatory processes
towards feasible solutions
Industry sector can smoothly at forehand prepare for
potential future regulation.
Aspects to be considered:
• European Interface Standard for pairing and firewall
• No IPR royalties to avoid a “get around” needs to be developed
Driver distraction of APPs is a hot topic at the EP, EC and MS.
Regulation is very likely, in whatever form.
Traffic accidents, caused by APPs, may make the political
demands harder and deployment faster.
Regulation may reduce driver distraction but will not solve it.
The solution has be attractive enough to withheld users to
operate the device in their hand.
A cooperation between CCC and SafeAPP WG could be
beneficial for both (feasibility, timing, attractiveness, etc.)
Thank you for your attention
[email protected]
Back-up slides
Scope discussion topics HMI WG
Source: HMI WG
Vehicle types
Specialist vehicles
Origin of hardware and fixing
HMI technology
Responsibility of stakeholders
Assessment of compliance
International cooperation
Specific Scope items for SafeAPP
9. User groups
10. Mode of operation and equipment configuration
11. Safe presentation
12. Prioritization of messages
13. Deployment accelerators

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