NPI –Atmospheric Programme

Progress within the
Ny-Ålesund Atmosphere
Flagship Programme
Roland Neuber, Christina A. Pedersen
and the programme contributors
NySMAC Meeting, 6 – 7 November 2014, Goa
Atmosphere Flagship
Workshop 8-9 Oct. 2014
A workshop financed by SSF was held 8-9 October 2014 in Potsdam to provide a forum
for organizing research work in the field and cooperation among contributing scientists,
in particular for making joint analyses possible, which individual actors cannot provide
Main Goals of the workshop:
“Climate change in the Arctic:
How do we tackle the challenge?”
“Develop collaboration and joint research actions”, i.e.:
• Plan for joint expeditions, observational periods,
• Develop cross-station field activities
• Develop cross-station utilisation and analyses of
available data and ongoing measurements, plan joint
• List new observational needs
• Provide timeline for future activities
Flagship topics as of Oct. 2014 (1):
Boundary Layer Properties
Snow and atmosphere
Meteorology network and long-term data sets
Clouds, Humidity, Precipitation
Flagship topics as of Oct. 2014 (2)
• Aerosol Direct Effect (Clear Sky Closure Study)
• Aerosol indirect effects
• Regional Representativeness ,
including Satellite Validation
• Long range transport and modelling activities
• Comparison & analysis of duplicate
measurements (e.g. trace elements)
Atmosphere Flagship Workshop
Atmospheric Flagship Gap Analysis Workshop, Goa,
4 – 5 November
•Aim of the workshop
•Identify the Gaps in the Atmospheric Research
at Ny-Alesund and find area of collaboration
where India can contribute
•The meeting heard the point of view of the
Some Areas where identified and contact points
where identified
● Air – snow interaction
● Aersols, Clouds and precipitation
● Arctic Climate and Forecast Modelling
It is felt in the meeting that research in aersol
chemical charaterization not very active and
stressed the need for giving an impetus to it
Future development of the flagship
Scientific committee
Roland Neuber, Alfred-Wegener Institute
Christina A. Pedersen, Norwegian Polar institute
Vito Vitale, NRC
Ove Hermansen, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Hans-Christian Hansson, Stockholm University
Masataka Shiobara , NIPR
Young Jun Yoon , KOPRI
Satheesan Karathazhiyath , NCAOR
Boris Ivanov, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
Grzegorz Karasiński, Polish Academy of Sciences
Atmospheric flagship webpage
Will contain information about:
- the flagship
- Ongoing activities/campaigns/focus areas
- Monitored parameters (with link to actual
dataset, data owner, frequency and period)
- Publications
Mailing list to all flagship participants
to spesific topics
Need of (annual) meeting arenas
• Apply to Svalbard Strategic Grant for an
Atmospheric Symposium 2015.
Will be an opportunity to present and develop
collaborative work
• Can we manage to secure funding for an annual
meeting? (workshop, symposium, meeting,
targeted workshop, etc.)
• Follow up meetings connected to other events
e.g. ECRA workshops, YOPP, MACC, IAGOS, ICOS,
An initiative by NySMAC and SSF:
Science Plan
Kongsfjorden International Research Base (KIRB), Svalbard:
Develop Flagship programmes to
define and organize
core scientific research
Flagship programs define core scientific foci for KIRB.
All scientists active within KIRB are encouraged to
focus on developing the science and outcome of the
agreed flagships. Activities that are endorsed flagship
activities will be prioritized when infrastructure or
human resources limit activities
Ny-Ålesund Flagship Programmes
Marine flagship ”Kongsfjorden System”
® C. Lydersen
Terrestrial Ecosystems flagship
® C. Hübner
Atmosphere research flagship
® L. Bakken
Glaciology research flagship
® E. Ø. Kjartansson
Thank You !

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