Travel Requirements

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January 2014
Our Commitment to you . . .
• To provide reimbursement of travel vouchers in a timely
 Reduce the number of processing days for travel vouchers.
• Ensure CWM personnel are reimbursed in a manner consistent
with the Commonwealth of Virginia's Travel Regulations so
that our Federal and State funding will continue.
• We’re here for you – call or email us anytime you have a
January 2014
Improper Expenditures
All purchases must be considered essential to the operation of the
college and in support of its mission to justify the use of state funds.
Examples of improper expenditures are:
Snacks or refreshments
Flight Insurance
Car Rental Upgrades & all rental Options (including GPS)
Laundering charges
In-Room Safes
Valet Parking (unless there is no self-parking option)
Retirement or going away parties
Holiday decorations
Gifts and flowers
Charitable contributions
January 2014
January 2014
Business Meals
• NEW FORM effective 8/22/13
Two meals on one form
• Important Points:
Individual and Authorization signatures
Number of attendees & Names (10 or less)
Specific business meal purpose
Must follow State Per Diem Guidelines
Maximum 20% tip
Meals up to 50% over Per Diem
Preparer’s Name & Extension
Charged to Grant Funds?
January 2014
Business Meals
January 2014
Business Meals
January 2014
Business Meals
Any Questions?
January 2014
Travel Requirements
TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION (TA) Required when . . .
• Traveling overnight
• One-day travel will be $500 or more
• Travel will be grant-funded (even if one day travel of less than $500
in expenditures)
• Hotel exceeds the allowance
• A Cash Advance is needed
• International Travel (outside 48 contiguous states)
**International Travel – Department Dean must approve TA
**Direct-billed costs such as lodging or conference registration must
be included in the TA cost estimate.
**Lodging Exception Request must be completed & approved if the
hotel will exceed the allowable rate (up to 150% of allowable rate
January 2014
Travel Requirements – TA (cont’d)
January 2014
Travel Requirements – TA (cont’d)
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV)
**Help us process your vouchers faster by attaching the proper documents . . .
• MapQuest print-outs for mileage claims
 For mileage to airports other than Williamsburg-Newport News,
a copy of your flight itinerary should also be included
 Use of POV
o 100 miles per day or less – full rate .56 (Effective Jan 2014)
o Greater than 100 miles per day – fleet rate .235 ((Effective Jan 2014)
o Average Miles per Day option
o must show daily breakdown of mileage on TERV
o Cost Benefit option
o Airfare
o Enterprise Rental Cost Calculator – On Procurement’s Website
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Use of POV - Average Daily Mileage Option
Travel over continuous 3-day period.
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Use of POV - Cost Benefit Option
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV)
**Help us process your vouchers faster by attaching the proper documents . . .
• Airfare Receipt-Itinerary
 Must indicate Coach/Economy, Amount, and proof of
o Boarding pass not necessary unless receipt/itinerary
does not indicate the items above
• Rental Car Receipt
 Must show proof of Payment
 Upgrades, GPS, Insurance & Fuel Service Plan
 When claiming fuel reimbursement, the rental receipt
must be included (even if the rental was direct-billed)
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV)
**Help us process your vouchers sooner by attaching the proper documents . . .
Lodging – Receipts
 Lodging Folio – Must have zero balance or show form of
 When per diem is claimed, a hotel folio or internet receipt
showing the hotel location, arrival/departure dates, room
rate and taxes must be included (even if the hotel is directbilled)
 In-Room Internet – a justification statement must be
included for purchase of in-room internet service. The
statement must provide the specific business reason for
needing in-room service (checking email is not sufficient)
 Meals, movies, gym/spa, in-room safe charges disallowed
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV)
Lodging (cont’d)
• Lodging rates that exceed State allowances
Up to 150% of allowance
o TA Lodging Exception Request must be completed and
approved prior to travel
Exceeds 150% of allowance
o Requires approval from the Fiscal Officer by submitting a
Request through the Travel Office prior to travel to receive
proper approval by the University Comptroller
o Comparison of 3 hotels within a 5 mile radius from
chosen/event hotel
o Hotel Comparison Spreadsheet
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Lodging (cont’d)
Over 150% Hotel Cost Comparison
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Lodging (cont’d)
Room Sharing
 State allows higher hotel rate when sharing a room (applicable
to non-luxury hotels only)
Lodging allowance x # of persons sharing the room
Example: $90 allowed x 2 persons = $180 SHARING RATE
o Sharing Rate up to 150% of allowance – Lodging Exception Request
on the TA must be completed and approved prior to travel
o Sharing Rate exceeds 150% of allowance - requires approval from
the Fiscal Officer by submitting a Request through the Travel Office
a minimum of 10 business days prior to travel
 Alternate method
o Each person pays half the room rate and claims half the rate for
o Person #2 (who’s name is not on the lodging invoice) must have a
statement from person #1 confirming Person #2 paid for half the
January 2014
Travel Requirements
• Conference or Training Seminar Agenda Required
 Conferences and Training Seminars offer free meals
o State expects you to accept free meals
o Free meals must be deducted from Per Diem
o On-line Agendas
• Per Diem
 State Per Diem Calculator
 Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico
o http://
 International Per Diem
 Int’l Meal & Incidentals Breakdown
January 2014
Travel Requirements – Per Diem
January 2014
Travel Requirements – Int’l Per Diem
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Per Diem (cont’d)
• Meal receipts vs. Per Diem
 Make it easy on yourself and us by not giving us individual
meal receipts (single meals for the traveler)
Meal receipts must be within State per diem guidelines for each meal
Snacks are not allowed
Alcohol is not allowed
Maximum 20% tip
We must audit receipts for disallowed items
 Receipts for Business Meals during travel must be submitted
with the TERV
o Business Meal receipts must include the specific business purpose, # of
attendees & names (if less than 10), and must follow State meal
o Business Meal receipt amounts must be removed from Per Diem and
put into the “Other” column on the TERV
o Business Lunch? Only breakfast & dinner would be included in the “Per
Diem” column for that day.
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Per Diem (cont’d)
• Per Diem for Departure and Return Days
75% of meals plus incidentals
Only one Departure and Return day allowed
unless there are extenuating circumstances
o Did you require overnight stay in a hotel because
flight was cancelled or extremely delayed?
Red-eye flights – an additional day’s per diem is
not allowed just because arrival is after midnight
January 2014
Travel Requirements
What belongs in the “Other” column?
• Everything except mileage, airfare, per diem
and lodging
Business meals
Train or bus tickets, metro tickets, taxi and tolls
Airline baggage charges
Car Rentals, Gas & Parking
o Rentals & Airport Parking should be broken down on
the TERV by day
Miscellaneous business purchases during travel
January 2014
Travel Requirements
• All receipts provided should be originals.
 International receipts must be translated and converted to USD
 For lost receipts, the traveler must complete a Lost Receipt
Certificate which includes what was done to retrieve a duplicate
 The Lost Receipt Certificate must be approved by the supervisor
• Mandatory AP Reimbursement Direct Deposit became
effective campus-wide March 25th.
 The TERV must include your current home address and your
Banner ID number
• The TERV must be properly coded with funding indexes
and expense type account codes
– The total of the separately-coded amounts must equal the total
reimbursement to be paid.
January 2014
Travel Requirements
• The TERV should include the Preparer’s Name and contact
phone number in case we have any questions
• TERV Coding
When Conferences or formal Training Seminars are attended, all expenses should be
coded to 712270 except Conference Registration which should be coded to 712240
January 2014
Travel Requirements
Finally . . .
• The TERV must include original signatures of the
traveler and the supervisor or department designee
Unable to obtain Traveler Original Signature
In many instances, the College departments will have a guest (i.e. speaker/lecturer/
presenter) visit for the purpose of conducting a lecture or presentation. The visitor may
actually be on the premises for one day only. After their departure the office manager
of the department will put together the TERV for the guest. At this time the guest
would not be available to sign the TERV.
To accommodate the business of the College for guest travel payments, an exception to
policy has been approved and it reads as follows: The Travel Accounts Payable
department will accept written authorization from guest, email or fax, authorizing office
managers to prepare the travel voucher on their behalf.
The proper way to sign for others is:
January 2014
Any Questions?
January 2014

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