PeopleSoft Procurement and Payment Updates

Purchasing and
Disbursements and Travel Services
Peoplesoft Procurement and
Accounts Payable Reminders
FAR Meeting – August 12th, 2014
Accounts Payable Tips and Reminders
Issues that cause payment delays:
• Vendor location: Select SHARED location only
when creating requisitions
• Receiving reports: Users must release receiving
reports from users’ desktops if deliveries are made
to departments
• Service agreements must include invoice for
payment processing
• Sharepoint Non-PO voucher form must include
electronic approvals from administrators
Accounts Payable Tips and Reminders
• Dispute form required when short paying invoices:
• Because official documents are maintained by DTS,
please forward original documentation
• Submit SIF forms via campus mail (do not email
due to transmission of Category I sensitive data)
• For ACH payments, allow two business days once
having received an E-notification
Travel Tips and Reminders
• Create travel authorization (TA) before first day of
travel otherwise complete a TAF (Travel
Authorization Form)
• Sharepoint Non-PO voucher form must include
electronic approvals from administrators
• Reference Travel Authorization number under
REFERENCE field when creating an Expense
• Click on LINK to tie Travel Authorization with
Expense Report as to properly disencumber and
close out travel
Travel Tips and Reminders (cont’d)
• An Expense Report is required to settle no cost to
UTSA travel (select “TA encumbrance” under
expense type and then “Non-Reimburseable”
under details)
• Create Expense Report to clear cash advance
(Click on LINK to tie Expense Report to Cash
• Submit TAF to change or disencumber travel
encumbrances (corrections can no longer be done
at the dept level)
Travel Tips and Reminders (con’t)
• If requesting a TAC (Travel Advance Card), do
not process a cash advance in UTShare/Peoplesoft
• If requesting a TAR (Travel Advance Request)
create cash advance in UTShare/Peoplesoft the
same month travel will occur
• Create Non-PO voucher when processing a
Participant Advance
• Create Non-PO voucher when processing a
CLIBA or TAC payment
Travel Tips and Reminders (cont’d)
• Submit one expense report to settle both travel and
hospitality and entertainment expenses if incurred
on same trip (TRS and BEF required)
• Separate lodging charges from taxes (use two
different expense types)
• Meal per diems must be recorded by day on TA
and Expense Reports (do not group as grand total)
• Round mileage calculations to whole numbers on
both TRS and Expense Report so amounts match
Travel Tips and Reminders (cont’d)
• Method of payment is determined by payment
default method selected in ESS module for Payroll
(please update if necessary)
• For ACH payments, allow two business days after
receiving E-notification
• Travel Advance Guideline
• Travel Card Guideline
• Travel Reimbursement Guideline

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