Prepare TA Site Visit Report contd.

Online Report Process
◦ Report process for Grantees/Look-Alike Site Visits
◦ Report Process for Look-Alike Applicant Site Visits
Report Review Process
◦ New MSCG OSV Report Review Process Prior to TATS Upload
TAs Scheduling Expectations
MSCG Observer Program
Questions & Answers Session
Operational Site Visits (OSVs) are essential to gathering
comprehensive, objective, on the ground information
on the compliance and performance of health centers.
HRSA routinely conducts OSVs:
◦ Prior to initial look-alike designation.
◦ During first 10 to 14 months of a Newly Funded health
center’s project period.
◦ At least once per project/designation period or at least once
every three years – generally 18 months into a typical threeyear project/designation period for most health centers.
Nearly 400 OSVs were completed in calendar year
2013. Approximately 700 total site visits for all BPHC
programs, including over 500 health center OSVs
planned for calendar year 2014.
Imperative that the team is prepared to conduct
thorough, comprehensive review and submit report
that is fact based, consistent, can hold up to
Online report will be effective for all OSV and Initial
Application Look Alike visits with a start date of March
3rd, 2014.
Website Link to the Online Report
Login Information
◦ Login using your legacy username and password
Important Notes:
◦ Only 1 user can be in any section at a given time and that
section will not be available to other users until the assigned
user releases it by clicking on 'Save & I am DONE with this
section' button.
◦ Title: Name of the task.
◦ Section: Name of the section.
◦ View: This is the read only version of the report for that
particular task, the view link is disabled by default and will
become active after consultant assigns the task.
◦ Completed By: The name of the consultant who completed
that particular task. It populates from the database.
◦ Assigned To: The name of the consultant who is working on
that particular task. It populates from the database.
◦ Action / Status: By default the action is 'Assign to self',
changes to 'Finish ...' after consultant starts working on it and
changes back to 'Assign to self' after consultant completes it.
The status ‘Incomplete’ means the task is assigned to a
different consultant and it is not completed yet.
Filling the templates, inserting the images and tables
Filling the templates, inserting the images and tables
Options for Team Leader or Consultant Responsible for
the Report Submission
◦ Report in Read Only Version
 View the report in read only version before submit to MSCG
◦ Step 1: Send the Report to MSCG Reviewers
 Send the report to MSCG for the Review.
◦ Step 2: Send the Report to MSCG Editors
 Send the report to MSCG editors before submitting it into TATS.
Once this is done, the TA request will be out of team lead/solo
consultant’s queue.
◦ Step 3: Submit the report into TATS
 After getting back the report in word document from the editors,
submit the report to TATS.
New MSCG OSV Report Review Process Prior to TATS Upload
Team members complete their online sections for OSV within 5
business days
Team Lead (TL) reviews on line and makes any changes deemed
necessary, changes to be completed online
TL submits to MSCG Reviewers and MSCG Technical Assistance
Reviewer (TAR- currently Jayne and George), using the “Send To
MSCG Reviewers” button
MSCG reviewer responds with comments via e mail to TAR within 5
business days
TAR forwards MSCG reviewer comments via e mail to TL for
revisions, to be completed Online
Revisions completed online, TL submits to MSCG TARS and MSCG
Editors via the online system, using the “Send the Report to MSCG
Editors“ button
MSCG editor completes edits (format, grammar, punctuation,
MSCG editor sends edited version as a Word document to the TL as
a clean draft
TL uploads MSCG edited draft into TATS
Project Officer/Bureau review process begins via TATS
Up & down volume of TA assignments
Flexibility in OSV team structures
MSCG has implemented an Observer Training Program
for newly rostered consultants. Please visit our
website for more information at
We want feedback from you as we move forward.
Please send questions/comments to
[email protected]
Thank You

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