Autumn 2014 Parents Evening Slideshow

Nursery Parent’s Evening
October 2014
Welcome to Priory
• The Nursery Team
Ms Mijatovich
Deputy Head for Early Year and Key stage 1
Mrs Sharma
Nursery Teacher and Leader – Yellow Group Keyworker
Miss Zanini
Nurse Nurse – Red group Keyworker
Ms Glister
TA – Red group Keyworker (Tu, W & Th)
Miss Evans
TA – Green group keyworker
Mrs Pose
TA – Green group key worker
Ms Rowe
TA – Additional support
In the nursery…
• The nursery setting..
 Zones
 Home-group base
 Indoor and outdoor
A typical day in Nursery
• Welcome/start of the session
• Phonics activity
• ‘Get busy time’ – free play indoor and outdoors
- directed activities
• WOW/Maths session/Story time (shared reading)
• End of the session
Nursery topics
Autumn 1
Me and My family
Things I like
My Mum
My Dad
My Brother
Autumn 2
Pets and animals
Dear Zoo
It’s mine
Buster’s farm
I’m hungry
Spring 1
Nursery rhymes and traditional tales
Each Peach Pair Plum
Room on the broom
Spring 2
In the Jungle
Walking through the jungle
Rumble in the jungle
Summer 1
Life-cycles and growth
Hungry Caterpillar
Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you see?
Summer 2
Mr Gumpy’s Outing
Naughty bus
Reading books
• Book bags – after half term
• Yellow reading books for comments
• Yellow book also used for home-school communication
• Reading - book talk and book handling
- shared reading
Learning journey books
Pictures, work and observations of your child
Aims to reflect learning across the curriculum
80% Child initiated
Links from home…
Oliver – 24/10/14
When we were setting the table for
dinner, Oliver said… “daddy you need
1 more plate, we are 5 and you only
have 4 plates on the table”.
Simran – 24/10/14
You spoke to our next-door neighbour
for the first time today, you said “I
have a new toy car in my house.”
For your information
• Home – boxes
• Noticeboard
• Peek at the week
• Curriculum news on the website
• Nursery gates
• Names on clothing
Any questions?
Now feel free to go to your child’s home-group base
Speak to the keyworkers about your child
You can ask any questions you may have
Take a look at your child’s learning journey books
• Parent’s of rising 3 children please see Miss Zanani
• As per the signing up sheet
• Ms Glister will be on hand for red group, if you have questions

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