2014 CCME Annual Symposium presentation

Management and Training Consultants, Inc.
Department of Defense
Third Party Education Assessment (3PEA)
CCME, 11 February 2014
“Maximizing Human Potential”®
About MTCI
 Woman-owned small business headquartered in
Manassas, VA
 “Maximizing Human Potential”® by providing human
capital management, training support and delivery,
and program management to the federal government
for over 14 years
 ISO 9001:2008 certified
 Women's Business Enterprise National Council
(WBENC) certified
 2013 recipient of Star Warfighter award from GOVStar
o President and CEO Dalena Kanouse
o Vice President of Contract Operations Charles Barros
3PEA Program Staff
 David Truncellito, Ph.D., 3PEA Program Administrator
 John McCall, M.S., 3PEA Program Assistant
o Both have been with the program since its inception in September
 Deborah Marconda, J.D., 3PEA Program Assistant
o Has served as a faculty member, installation site director, and
SOCMAR project director.
o Joined 3PEA program in October 2013
 Two additional members of each assessment team
o Selected on a rotating basis to form the best team for each
Assessment Process
 Designed to ensure that voluntary education
opportunities offered to service members using
Tuition Assistance are of the same high quality as the
opportunities offered to civilian adult learners
 Efficient process to minimize burden on military
installations and educational institutions
 Standardized, yet flexible and dynamic process
 Open to feedback from all stakeholders
 Three phases: before, during, after site visit
See www.MTCI.us for complete FY14 assessment process
Types of Assessments
 On-Installation assessment (one each per year from
Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy): Focuses on
voluntary education at a military installation
 Off-Installation assessment (six per year): Focuses
on a single educational institution and its educational
offerings to service members using TA
o Assessed entities for each fiscal year are selected by
the services
Timeline of Assessment Activity
At least 90
before visit
3PEA program staff sends notification of upcoming assessment,
works with educational institution to schedule visit (for offinstallation assessments), and requests information
45 before
Requested information is due to be submitted to 3PEA Program
At least 30
before visit
3PEA program staff hires assessors
At least 14
before visit
Itinerary for site visit is finalized
Site visit
4-5 days; interviews with faculty, students, staff, administrators
45 after visit Draft of Final Assessment Report distributed for error-in-fact
60 after visit Final Assessment Report submitted to DANTES
Areas to be Assessed (at a minimum)
1. Academic partnership of the institution(s) with the service
2. Needs assessment
3. The methods whereby academic institutions are invited onto the installation
4. Monitoring of institutional compliance with the MOU
5. The support provided by various levels of the military for voluntary education
6. The degree of congruence among various missions
7. The degree of consistency of programs for both military and civilian students
8. Responsiveness and flexibility toward service members
9. Students’ opportunity to evaluate the learning they receive
10. Marketing and communications
11. Institutional outcomes
12. Resources to support student learning
13. Faculty qualifications and standards
14. Policies to evaluate the performance and needs of faculty members
15. Academic and administrative student services
See www.MTCI.us for elaborations
Assessment Checklist
 In addition to the 15 areas, Final Assessment Reports now include an
assessment checklist
 3 items for installations, 43 items for educational institutions
Military installation education offices
 Compliance with DoDI 1322.25 when bringing educational institutions onto base
 Monitoring base access by third parties
Educational Institutions
 Accreditation, VA Approval, State Approval, Title IV
 Marketing
 Advising/Counseling and Education Plans
 TA, Course Cancellation, Course Material, and Refund Policies
 Credit Transfer
 Academic Placement, Residency, Readmissions
 Graduation Ceremonies
See www.MTCI.us for elaborations
Program Updates for FY14
 Assessment checklist
 New categories of assessments
single category for off-installation assessments
 Modified requirements for assessment team members
one member of every team has voluntary education
 Revised assessment process and data call
see www.MTCI.us for complete process
 Additional program staff member
FY14 Assessment Schedule
Assessed Entity
Site Visit Dates
MCB Camp Pendleton
18-21 Nov
University of Phoenix
9-12 Dec
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
27-30 Jan
Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay
10-14 Mar
California Career School
7-10 Apr
Seymour Johnson AFB
5-9 May
University of Maryland University College
23-26 Jun
Central Texas College
21-24 Jul
Fort Leonard Wood
11-15 Aug
University of Arkansas
15-18 Sep
Trends Observed by 3PEA program staff
 TA suspension during sequester and government shutdown,
decreased TA budgets
 Diversity of voluntary education opportunities
 Affordability of voluntary education
 Service members' awareness of TA and of voluntary education
opportunities is an ongoing challenge
 Many service members who use TA do so actively
 Installation education offices typically have insufficient resources
 Retention and graduation rates can be better monitored and
 Increased use of instructional technology, including for face-toface courses
Management and Training Consultants, Inc.
Thank You!
“Maximizing Human Potential”®

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