Femina Run for a Cause

Welcome to the world of the girl child,
promising yet gloomy, hopeful, yet in despair.
Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful
creation such as the girl child is today one of
the gravest concerns facing humanity, with a
host of summits, conferences and events held
for the cause, with topmost world leaders
pledging their support.
The fate of the girl child hangs in balance
today. If we do not act now to stop female
infanticide, it may be too late.
Through this marathon, we would like to
promote the cause – to pledge our support to
Save the Girl Child – and to bring like minded
people on board to work with us
Why Femina Marathon?
Femina, India’s largest and most widely read
women’s magazine, has been the definitive
life and lifestyle guide for the progressive
woman. Their ‘Femina Run for a Cause’ aims
at bringing to light different issues and the
very first run is to support the cause of the girl
child. To be held on 16th March, 2014, this
run is open to all. Participants can opt for a
3km or a 6km run and also donate to the
charity NGO KETTO Save The Children as part
of this initiative. Through the ‘Femina Run for
a Cause’, Ketto hopes to raise funds for Save
Our Sisters (SOS). SOS, an initiative of Save
the Children India works to prevent trafficking
of women and children from commercial
sexual exploitation. The program is designed
and operates in sync with the internationally
recognized strategies of ‘Prevention’,
‘Protection’ and ‘Prosecution’.
Come, run with us. Run to support the
cause, run to support the future…
From Left to right Ali Quli Mirza, Anand Behede, Manav Gohil, Kunal Kapoor & Pooja Misra
Few pictures of Marathon
Promotional post on Facebook
Outdoor creative of Femina Marathon
Ad in newspaper
Pune Times 10th March 2014
Post event coverage
Absolute India (Hindi), 26th
March, Page 3
Pune Marathon
Nooks and Corner
Page 4
Certificate of Femina Marathon
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