address - INFN Bologna

13th Topical Seminar on Innovative
Particle and Radiation Detectors
7 - 10 October 2013 Siena, Italy
Welcome to Siena
• on behalf of the organizing committee
P. Govoni
P.S. Marrocchesi
F.-L. Navarria
M. Paganoni
A. Perrotta
T. Rovelli
• thanks to our sponsors: INFN, Univ. of Siena,
Univ. of Bologna, CERN, SIF, CAEN,
FLN 7 Oct 2013
2013 edition (HEPP only)
• LHC at CERN: running at 3.5+3.5 (4+4)
TeV pp in 2011 (2012), & PbPb & pPb,
now LS1 (until end 2014)
• OPERA (CERN → Gran Sasso) : second
νμ→ντ (published), third presented at EPS
HEP Conference in Stockholm
event B
FLN 7 Oct 2013
Historical notes
• San Miniato Topical Seminars started in
1984, then in 2000 were moved to
Pontignano and in 2001 to Siena – there
are several series: detectors, physics
results and computing – IPRD13 is the
13th in a series & the 23rd overall
• The origin of kaos is in the title of a novel
by Luigi Pirandello, NP (born in Caos near
Girgenti), which later became a movie
(1984) directed by Fratelli Taviani, who
were born in San Miniato
FLN 7 Oct 2013
IPRD13 Programme
• highlights
- Mon 7 19h30 Welcome party in “Il Refugio”
- The Posters are supposed to be permanently on
display in Aula Cantuccio (so you’ll have time to
see the posters during the breaks)
- Wed 9 20h Conference dinner (in Contrada
Priora della Civetta in Vicolo del Castellare 3)
• the rest is all talks
• all talks are in plenary sessions in Auditorium
• … notice that this year the weather forecast
seems to be similar to the usual one of BBC East,
so there are no excuses for not attending the talks
FLN 7 Oct 2013
• please upload your talk on the PC used for the
presentations, at least 5’-10’ before the
beginning of the session, either in .pdf or in .ppt
or in .pptx, in the correct folder for your session
– later it will be linked and posted on the
conference Web page
• please stay within your time allocation, which
INCLUDES discussions
FLN 7 Oct 2013
• to be published in Journal of Instrumentation
(JINST) – instructions will be posted – the
proceedings will be made available as a single
archive at the end of the process
• 10 pages maximum for 20’, 15’ talks and
posters (obviously you may use less, this is not
• but, if you have valid reasons not to comply with
the page limit OR you do not plan to write up
your contribution please inform [email protected]
• deadline for manuscripts 30 November 2013
FLN 7 Oct 2013
• there are 7-8 access points (main entrance,
auditorium ...), but you may be able to connect
elsewhere (in absence of thick walls) • unisi Wireless / silver
• Username: fisicase.s
• Password: 1f533acd
FLN 7 Oct 2013
• when registering, please check your data and
do not forget to give the secretaries your email address
• enjoy the conference
• … and do not forget the town
which is just beautiful and an
unique tourist's paradise with
perfectly vertical towers
FLN 7 Oct 2013

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