RB badminton PowerpointLearning AimBNov 2013

Practically demonstrate skills,
techniques and tactics in
selected sports
Learning aim B:
Practical Log Book
In the last session- we learned that -
A Skill is ……
“…..the learned ability to bring
about pre-determined results with
maximum certainty; often with the
minimum outlay of time or energy
or both."
Barbara Knapp 1963
Skill definition….
When explaining or defining a skill, the explanation or
definition must contain the following key words and ideas:
 A learned ability – a Badminton player has to learn how to
perform a flick serve or shot.
 Pre-determined results - the badminton player sets out to
put the shuttle to the back of the court.
 Maximum certainty - the Badminton player expects to put
the shuttle to the back of the court every time.
 Minimum outlay of time / Maximum efficiency - the
Badminton player will appear to make the flick serve or shot
look effortless, with little energy required and apparently lots
of time to do it.
Skills in Sport
Serial skills ?
Continuous skills ?
Discrete skills ?
Skills in Sport
Discrete skills are brief, well-defined actions that have a clear
beginning and end. They are single, specific skills, which make up the
actions involved in a variety of sports such as hitting and throwing.
Hockey. eg. a push pass, badminton service.
Serial Skills are a group of discrete skills strung together to make a
new and complex movement. i.e. the sequence of skills for the triple
jump. ( Hop, stride and jump ) , trampolining – a routine of linked
moves, swivel hips or twisting somersaults , lay up shot in basketball.
Continuous skills have no obvious beginning or end. The end of
one cycle of movements is the beginning of the next, and the skill is
repeated over and over . These skills could be stopped at any
moment eg Swimming, Running, or Cycling.
So what is a Technique ?
Task …..
In simple terms….
A Skill is “what you do “ eg dribble a hockey ball
push pass a ball
shoot / flick / scoop the ball
tackle a player
beat a player
A Technique is “how you do it “
eg Stance
transference of weight
finishing action / follow through
The Smash
The skill
Technique – grip, stance,
Position of feet, position of
Ball on stick, bent knees.
Practice in
a group / team
Football instep pass – the skill
The technique – How
• grip, stance, position of ball,
weight transfer , follow through.
Practice in pairs
Target man
So what is a Tactic ?
Can you give an example ?
“The term used to describe the way in which a manager wants his / her side to
play in a match. Tactics can apply either to defensive or attacking formations
and methods of play.”
“a tactic is a game plan made before the start of the game to play
against your opponents weaknesses and to your own strengths.”
“an action or method that is planned and used to achieve a particular goal”
Can you think of an example ???
Assignment Brief – Learning Aim B
Target man
Video Diary of 2 sports

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