Jump Start RN-BSN Informational Power Point

RN-BSN Jump Start Program – Summer 2014
Stephanie Vaughn, PhD RN, Associate Professor / Post-Licensure Nursing Coordinator
Michelle Schwartz, MS, RN-BSN Pre-Enrollment Advisor
March 11, 2014
What is Jump Start?
• Current ADN students can get a “jump start” on their
BSN by completing up to two CSUF School of Nursing
RN-BSN courses through OU
• Graduating ADN students (May/June 2014) can only
participate if they have already submitted a Fall 2014
CSUF and an RN-BSN Nursing application
Time Commitment
• To be successful in these courses, students should
plan to spend approximately 10-15 hours per week,
per class for reading/assignments, etc.
• Students are allowed to participate in both courses
as long as they understand the time commitment
expected of them for the coursework
Courses and Format
• NURS 305 Professional Nursing (4 units)
• NURS 310 Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice
(3 units)
– Both courses will be offered in two different formats: a
traditional in-person, on-campus course, as well as an
online option, in which students may only meet on the first
day of the course
– There will be an in-person, on-campus, “Jump Start”
orientation on the first day of the course session
NURS 305 Professional Nursing
• The professional nursing role is examined including
nursing theory and research, ethics theory,
communication theory and principles, and the nursing
process. Selected psychosocial concepts and theories and
their relationship to health are the focus of assessment
and implementation with individual clients. Theories and
concepts of health and techniques in health promotion
are presented from a holistic framework. The influence of
culture, role, social support, and values upon the nurse
and the client are evaluated.
NURS 310 Nursing Research/Evidence
Based Practice
• Emphasis is placed on the development of nursing
knowledge and the improvement of nursing practice
through current relevant evidence. Research
methods are examined and current issues are
analyzed in relation to the implementation of
evidence-based practice in selected settings.
“Jump Start” Eligibility Criteria
• Completed at least 1 semester of the ADN program
before Summer 2014
• Be in good standing at home campus and have a
cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
• Completed all the CSUF Nursing prerequisites before
Summer 2014
• Human Anatomy + Lab
• Human Physiology + Lab
• Microbiology + Lab
• Chemistry (intro, general, etc. is fine)
• Statistics (CSU B4 certified course or CSUF Nursing
approved course)
Application Procedure
• Students must obtain the Jump Start 2014 Enrollment
• Students must submit the three completed forms to
CSUF’s School of Nursing between April 1-May 1, 2014
• Seats are limited and will be granted on a first come,
first serve basis to eligible students
Enrollment Packet Forms
• Form 1: Associate Degree Verification Form
• Form 2: Open University Enrollment Application
• Form 3: Open University Registration Form
Associate Degree Verification Form
• Students should complete the top half of the
Associate Degree Verification Form and submit the
form to their home campus Nursing Department
• The home campus Nursing Department should
complete the “Home Campus Verification” box
• Student should then pick up the form so he/she can
submit it with the other required forms
Open University Enrollment
• Students must complete all sections of the form as
• If the student is a US Citizen, he/she will not need
to complete section B
– Non-US Citizens will need to complete Section B in
addition to the rest of the form
Open University Registration Form
• Students must complete the top section of the form
• Students must sign in the “Important Note” box
• Students should NOT fill in any of the course
information in the middle boxes
– The CSUF School of Nursing will complete the course
information boxes and obtain the necessary CSUF
signatures on each student’s behalf
Program Cost
• $350 per unit
• Additional one time fee of $29
– This fee includes costs for a CSUF Student ID card
• Fees subject to change by the University
• Payment will be processed at the time of registration
Benefits of Jump Start
• If the student attends CSUF’s RN-BSN program they
have already completed 1-2 courses, and will be able
to focus on the subsequent nursing courses & GEs
• The student can get an idea of what will be expected
of them in a BSN program
• The student will have the opportunity to network
with current CSUF students and faculty
Where are They Now?
Summer 2013 Jump Start Students
Partner College
Applied for RN-BSN
Student 1
Fall 2013 – Admitted / Enrolled
Student 2
Spring 2014 – Admitted / Enrolled
Student 3
Santa Ana
Fall 2014 - Qualified
Student 4
Fall 2014 - Qualified
Student 5
Fall 2014 - Qualified
Thank You !

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