eFolio Information RN-BSN/MSN and MSN Students

MSN Students
About the eFolio
The eFolio is a repository of documents and artifacts
which support your professional development,
documents your clinical competence, and maps
course assignments to professional and School of
Nursing outcomes.
Purchasing the eFolio
All RN-BSN, RN-BSN/MSN and MSN students are to purchase a subscription to the eFolio when they
register for NUR-500: Seminar in Clinical Competence.
The eFolio is purchased from http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/TESC.HTM
You will receive a "key" electronically that will give you access to the portfolio.
Your access key is used only once to create a new account. Your email address and the
password you create are then your login credentials. Please keep your email current. Your
account is active for one year from the date you create it.
You will be reminded to renew 30 days prior to the expiration. Payment will be made via a link
provided to you by the company CurveShift. If you do not renew, your account will become
inactive and you will not have access to it. Your data will be kept safe for a period of three years.
You may keep your eFolio after graduating by continuing to renew your account annually.
Students are only required to purchase the eFolio one time and then renew the subscription
yearly until completion of the program.
For help at anytime, email [email protected]
NOTE: The College help desk does not support this application
Accessing the eFolio
You will need to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser. A
free download is available here:
Once you have Firefox, or Google Chrome use the
address below to access eFolio global:
Enter your user name and password to get started
Where Do I Start?
The eFolio is organized by
Every student is set up with
two system folders (COPA
Model Competencies & MSN
RN-BSN students will use the
COPA Model Competency
folder only.
RN-BSN/MSN students and
MSN students will use the
COPA Model Competencies
folder & MSN Outcomes
Do not create new folders as
the documents placed into
them will not appear in the
final eFolio generated at the
end of the course. Use only
the folders provided.
Adding Work to your eFolio
On this page there are several steps to complete before hitting
the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.
Choose work
Choose the add button at the top left hand side of the page
Type in the title of your artifact (work)
Select the Complete radio button in the Status Section
(feedback on artifacts is given in the course not in the eFolio)
 Add a sentence or two in the Details Section. Use this section to
describe what is contained in your artifact. This information will
gain increased importance as your eFolio grows in size.
Choose attach file-> click on add on the left hand side of the
Browse to select the work that you want to add
Upload the selected artifact
Adding Work to your eFolio
In the Standards Section choose the standard that is
best demonstrated by your artifact.
You can select more than one standard by holding the
Control (CTL) key or Command key, if using a MAC.
Once you have selected the standard, drag and drop it
over to the Standards Selected Column.
After all the standards have been selected, click on the
Submit button on the left hand side bottom of the page.
See Screenshot (next slide)
Helpful Tips
If COPA or MSN Outcomes Folders are not located
in the scroll down box, email
[email protected]
DO NOT leave any document in draft or ready for
feedback status, choose COMPLETE only for status
DO NOT select an advisor as your mentor has
already been assigned to your eFolio. After you
submit your work you may see the following
information->Advisor(s) not selected. Your work will
not be visible to advisor(s). Select 'yes' to proceed
anyways, or 'no' to assign an advisor. Select YES
and continue.
Tips for Adding your Work to
Each COPA competency must have a minimum of
one artifact
All assignments completed in NUR-500 must also be
assigned to a COPA Competency Standard
Each MSN outcome must have a minimum of five
documents uploaded into the eFolio by the end of
the MSN program
Assignments are to be uploaded into your eFolio
after each MSN course is completed to ensure that
the eFolio is kept up to date
Editing artifacts in your work
Before you generate your eFolio you can edit your
Go into your work folder->click on the blue
hyperlink on the artifact that you want to edit.
Click on the Edit Completed Work button on the
lower left hand side of the page
Make the necessary changes
Click on the Submit button on the lower left hand
side of the page.
The Reflection Option
After you submit your work you will see a screen
with a textbox for reflection. This is an optional
If you elect to include this information-> Explain in
a few words why this work exhibits the Standards
you selected and why you want to include it in the
documentation of your learning.
MSN students, in particular, may want to include
this information as it may help you with the
synthesis paper at the conclusion of the MSN
Generating Your eFolio
NOTE: Only perform these steps after you have added all work to your folder.
Choose the portfolio tab on the left hand side of the page
Select By Standards
Choose the add button on the top left hand side of the page
Add your name and program competencies (either COPA
Model Competencies or MSN Outcomes) in the section labeled
Name of Portfolio
Select a Program whose standards will be demonstrated (either
the COPA competencies or MSN)
Drag and drop over to the Selected Programs Column
Select a theme for your eFolio
Add a picture to your eFolio by clicking on attach file in the
Files Section
Click on add on the left hand side of the page
Browse to select the picture that you want to add
Upload the selected picture.
In the Title Page Text box type in your biography and portfolio
Selecting a Photo for your
As your eFolio represents you as a registered professional
registered, as well as a Thomas Edison State College School of
Nursing student, please select a photo of yourself that is of a
professional and tasteful nature.
In order to resize the photo for your eFolio ,you need to use
photo editing software. Here is a link that describes several free
programs you can use:
If you need additional help with resizing your photo, please
contact Learning Central at
[email protected]
Generating Your eFolio
When you are ready to generate your eFolio-> click on
the Generate a New Portfolio on the bottom left hand
side of the page.
As a requirement of the TESC program you must
generate an eFolio. You are not required to publish your
eFolio. A generated eFolio is password protected. A
published eFolio is available for public viewing.
When generated, your portfolio will appear under the
Portfolios tab-> By Standards.
Editing your eFolio
If you add another piece of work to either the COPA
Model Competency or MSN Outcomes folder, it will not
automatically be added to the eFolio you have just
generated. Portfolios are snapshots of your work at the
time you make it. To have all old plus any new works
included in your eFolio, you will need to generate a new
portfolio. The date/time made will indicate the latest
version and you can delete the earlier attempt(s), if you
so desire.
You can edit limited information in your eFolio by
clicking on the blue hyperlink for your generated eFolio> click on edit button on the top right hand side of the
Editing your eFolio
The only items you can edit in a generated eFolio are:
 Your picture
 Information in the textbox ( this contains your
biography and eFolio Purpose)
 You can also remove some artifacts from your eFolio
by removing the check marks next to the artifact.
Scroll down the page to see this area.
When you are ready to generate this edited eFolio, click
on the Submit button on the bottom left hand side of
the page.
Publishing your eFolio
everything is to your satisfaction in your Portfolio, By Standards you may
publish it, recognizing that it is available for public viewing .
Go under Portfolios, By Standards, and your eFolio link will be visible.
Click on this link to view the portfolio and then click on the Edit button on
the right hand side of the page.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click in the box for Publish
you publish the portfolio, it creates an html address that you can save
and share with others. This web address in located in the address bar. Anyone
who has the address can see the portfolio. On a PC, right click on the address
which copies that address.
it is published, your portfolio can now also be found under Portfolios,
Published Portfolios In this list, you can use the pdf button to make a
downloadable pdf file. This downloaded pdf version can be saved on your
computer and then dropped on a flash drive or burned on a CD.
Assistance is Available
If you need assistance,
please feel free to email
Learning Central at
[email protected]
Academic Integrity
eFolios are the work of the individual
student, who is considered the author of the
work. A student who borrows, uses, or
copies other students’ work, and represents
it as their own, is plagiarizing. This is in
violation of the College’s Academic Code
of Conduct Policy, and the student will be
subject to this policy.

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