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Welcome to the GHA Infection
Prevention Power Hour
December 19, 2013
Brief Agenda
GHA/HEN Update
Review of CMS, Georgia HAI Reporting for 2014
Georgia DPH Update – Antibiotic Stewardship
GMCF, QIO Update – NHSN Reporting: CDI
How Are We doing at Preventing
Infection Harm?
CAUTI Still A Challenge
SSI: Colon
SSI Abdominal Hysterectomy
Hospital wide CLABSI and CAUTI
Additional SSI: Hip and knee prosthesis
VAE: IVAC, Possible, probable VAP
Innovation for rapid safety improvement
C. diff with antimicrobial stewardship
Stepping up to Antibiotic Stewardship
in Georgia
Jeanne Negley, MBA
Georgia HAI Coordinator
Georgia Department of Public Health
Georgia Hospital Association
Infection Prevention Power Hour
December 19, 2013
Impetus to Engage in Stewardship
Awareness of stewardship work conducted in
New to Georgia (with no program for stewardship)
Need for state to engage with providers in
prevention activities
Convened subcommittee
 Recommended: Create statewide strategic plan
 Conducted research on resources and evidence of resistant
disease in the state:
• Within the State HD: Emerging Infections Program, Gonococcal
Isolate Surveillance Project, Vaccine Preventable Disease,
Evaluation Resources
• Outside the State HD: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(subject matter and evaluation experts), South Dakota, and
Initial Results
Developed statewide strategic plan
 Initial focus on acute care
Logic Model
 Adapted from CDC DHQP logic model
 Policy implementation through partnerships
 Phased-in approach
Recognition Program for Antibiotic Stewardship
Association of State and Territorial Health
Officials (ASTHO) Grant Opportunity
Applied for and received ASTHO HAI Capacity Grant
“Changed Gears” to focus on training for acute care
pharmacists and physicians
Grant Activities:
 Developed ASP assessment tool with CDC
 October 9, 2013 training for pharmacists
 Conducted post-training focus group with pharmacists
 Physician webinars scheduled for December 2013
October 9, 2013
A lot of people in one room
Challenge of partial government shutdown
 Georgia Antibiotic Stewardship Subcommittee members step up
to the challenge
 Jeanne conducts focus group
Meeting runs over time;
extended Q&A session
Focus Group Questions
What did you like most/least about training?
What is one most useful idea of technique
you learned today?
What are the barriers to antimicrobial
stewardship programs (ASP)?
What can the State Health
Department do to help
promote enhance … ASP?
Initial thoughts on
Honor Roll?
Anything we
have not
Physician Training
One-hour webinar offered on three dates
 Dec. 9, 11, and 12 (noon and 5 pm)
Program highlights need, hospitalist/community
program, ASP for larger facility
Live Q&A session for each broadcast
CMEs through Emory
Preliminary Assessment Data
26 of 50 facilities had a multidisciplinary committee
focused on antimicrobial use
• 19 (73.1%) reported physician or pharmacist leader for
stewardship activities
• 4 (15.4%) have neither physician nor pharmacist leaders
• 3 (11.5%) did not meet regularly
Preliminary Focus Group Data
Participants like the training: speakers, content,
Wanted more education:
Supported for pharmacists and physicians
Partner with pharmacy and medical schools
Supported Honor Roll program
Need to be sensitive of resources at smaller facilities
Existing Partners to Support our Work
HAI Advisory Committee and Antibiotic Stewardship
 Development of Honor Roll; Created Toolkit; Speakers Bureau;
Development of new partnerships
Georgia Hospital Association, Quality Improvement
Organization, Georgia Infection Prevention Network
 Marketing training; Development of new partnerships
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Assessment tool
 Focus group questions
 Subject matter consultation
New Partnerships Developed
Georgia Society of Health System Pharmacists and
Emory School of Medicine
Marketing, continuing education, sustainability (pharmacy association)
Medical Association of Georgia, Atlanta Infectious
Disease Society, Atlanta Chapter of Hospital
 Marketing training
Potential Future Partners: state pharmacy and
medical schools
 To offer antimicrobial stewardship training to pharmacists and
Georgia Honor Roll for Antibiotic Stewardship
• The Georgia HAI Advisory Committee and Antibiotic
Stewardship Subcommittee are developing an honor roll
to recognize facilities engaged in stewardship.
• The requirements of the Honor Roll support the
stewardship principles and tools provided in pharmacists
and physician training programs.
Elements of Honor Roll
Phase 1- Engagement:
1. Letter of Commitment from Leadership
2. Antibiotic Stewardship Team
3. Educational Event
Phase 2- Implementation
4. Antibiotic Stewardship Programs
5. Measurement of Impact of Program
Georgia Department of Public Health
Matthew Crist
Stephanie Lambert (former intern)
Lauren Lorentzson
Michele Mindlin
Ashley Moore
Melissa Tobin D’Angelo
Nadine Oosmanally
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Loria Pollack
Ronda Sinkowitz-Cochran
Heidi Gruhler
Arjun Srinivasan
Susan Fuller
Turquoise Griffith
Catherine Cairns
Virginia Dolen
Georgia Antibiotic Stewardship Subcommittee
Jesse Jacob, MD, MS, Emory University Hospital, co-chair
Renee Watson, RN, CIC, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, co-chair
Angelina Davis, PharmD, MS, BCPS (AQ-ID) WellStar Health System
Denise Flook, RN, CIC, Georgia Hospital Association
Kimberly Hazelwood, PharmD, Georgia Department of Public Health
Sheena Kandiah, MD, Emory University Hospital
Armando Nahum, SafeCare Campaign
Cindy Prosnak, RN, CIC, Georgia Medical Care Foundation
Craig Smith, MD, University Health System, Augusta
Georgia HAI Advisory
Kathryn Arnold, MD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Ryan Deal, Georgia Department of Public Health
Marcia L. Delk, MD, MBA , WellStar Health System
Denise Flook, RN, MPH, CIC, Georgia Hospital Association
Jesse T. Jacob, MD, MSc, Emory University Hospital Midtown
Robert C. Jerris, PhD, D (ABMM), Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Emory School of Medicine
Mary Key, BSN, CIC , Tift Regional Medical Center
Denise Leaptrot, BSMT(ASCP), RN, CIC, MBA , Coliseum Medical Centers
Peggy McGee , RN, CIC, Liberty Hospital
Armando Nahum , SafeCare Campaign
Cindy Prosnak, RN, CIC , Alliant/Georgia Medical Care Foundation
Susan M. Ray, MD , Emory School of Medicine
Lynn A. Reynolds, RN, CIC, Southeast Georgia Health System
Craig E. Smith, MD, MS, CTropMed, FACP, FIDSA, University Health Care System
James P. Steinberg, MD , Emory University School of Medicine
Nimalie Stone, MD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Robert Thornton, MPH, Georgia Department of Public Health (District 9-1)
Renee Watson, BSN, RN, CIC, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Rebecca Walker, RN, CIC, Georgia Regents University
Thank you!
Jeanne Negley, MBA
Georgia Department of Public Health
2 Peachtree Street, NW, #14-225
Atlanta, GA 30303
[email protected]
Alliant/GMCF/QIO Update
Cindy Prosnak
Contact Information
Denise M. Flook, RN, MPH, CIC
Georgia Hospital Association
770-249-4518, [email protected]
Jeanne Negley, HAI Coordinator
Georgia Dept. of Public Health
(404) 657-2593 | [email protected]
Cindy Prosnak, RN, BSN, CIC
Alliant GMCF
706.836.8361 | [email protected]

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