Relationship to Patient

MUSC Nursing’s
Professional Practice Model
Care Delivery System
What is a Professional Practice Model?
• Professional Practice Model (PPM) - diagram used
to demonstrate how:
- Organizational goals and values relate to each other.
- Professional Nursing plans, delivers, and evaluates patient care.
- The organization evaluates the results for the patient.
- Professional relationships impact interdisciplinary care.
- Defines nursing as a profession rather than a task-based job.
What is a Care Delivery System (CDS)?
• The Care Delivery System describes our approach to
delivering patient care by:
- Detailing assignments, responsibilities and authority to
accomplish patient care;
- Determining who is going to perform what tasks, who is
responsible, and who makes decisions.
- Matching numbers and type of caregivers to patient care
• Provides structure that:
- Allows the nurse to function as a professional and a
- Supports the organization and effective use of resources.
Relationship Based Care
Designed to strengthen or transform three critical relationships to
achieve quality, financial, and organizational outcomes
What does all this mean in your work
• Each unit provides patient care a little differently.
• MUSC Nurses function as an equal member of a
caring team that creates a healing environment and
fosters trust between, clinicians, patients and the
• Collaboration is demonstrated by a nurse’s
relationship to a patient and relationship to other
members of the healthcare team
How is collaboration done on your unit?
• 8 East: Charge nurses collaborate with other nurses on the
team. Nurses collaborate with the healthcare team during
physician rounds each day- Relationship to Healthcare Team
• NNICU: RN collaborates with the family to plan their neonate’s
care for the shift- Relationship to Patient/Family
• OR: Time Outs- Relationship to Patient/Family
• Ambulatory units: ‘huddles’
• IOP: ‘flash huddles’
• MUSC Nurses demonstrate their expertise,
growing from novice to expert, as they deliver
safe effective care.
• Within the care delivery system, this is
exemplified by a nurse’s relationship to the
patient as well as to themselves.
How is expertise demonstrated on
your unit?
Relationship to Patient:
– Credentialing on badges
– Use of AIDET
Relationship to Self:
Continuing Education
Competency demonstration
Formal education
• At MUSC nurses demonstrate advocacy for
the patient in all respects, including equity in
access to healthcare
• Advocacy is demonstrated through a nurse’s
relationships with the patient and the health
care team.
How is advocacy done on your unit?
• Relationship to the patient:
- Consultations with internal expert consultants, i.e. Ethics
Team, Wound Care RN, Pain Resource RN, Lactation RN,
and Psychiatric Liaison RN
- Speak UP!
- Lewis Blackman Act
- Daisy Award
• Relationship to the healthcare team:
Professional behaviors
Conflict resolution
Unit and hospital Governance Councils
Schwartz Rounds
• MUSC nurses demonstrate integrity by being
worthy of the trust of patients, families, &
• Trust is based on the relationships they build
with the patient, the healthcare team, and
How is integrity demonstrated on your
• Relationship to Patient
- Involving patient in plan of care
- Ethics consultation
• Relationship to Healthcare Team
- Managing up
- Transparency in information
• Relationship to Self
- Following policies for double checking high alert meds
- MUSC Standards of Behavior
- ANA Code of Conduct
• As MUSC nurses we demonstrate creativity in
all facets of our practice
• Innovation impacts all the relationships
important in our care delivery system:
relationship to patient, health care team, and
How do you demonstrate Innovation
in your work area?
• Relationship to Patient
- Individualized plan of care
- Evidence Based practice
• Relationship to Healthcare Team
- Research
- New product trials
- Practice Councils
• Relationship to Self
- Nursing Professional Advancement Program
- Staff Nurse as Leader workshop
• Nurses demonstrate accountability through
responsiveness to outcome measures and by
maintaining current knowledge/skill.
• Accountability is demonstrated in nurses’
relationships to the patient, the team, and
How is accountability demonstrated on
your unit?
• Relationship to Patient:
- Hourly rounding
- Pain reassessment
- S.K.I.N. care team & prevalence survey
• Relationship to Healthcare team:
- Delegation and follow up
- Checklists
- Documentation
• Relationship to Self:
- Maintaining credentials and competencies
- Participating in shared governance
- Professional membership and participation
Professional Practice and Care Delivery System Framework
Professional Practice Model and Care Delivery System
Unit: __________________
Professional Practice Model
Care Delivery System
• Nurse to Self
• Nurse to Team
• Nurse to Patient
• Nurse to Self
• Nurse to Patient
• Nurse to Team
• Nurse to Self
• Nurse to Patient
• Nurse to Team
• Nurse to Self
• Nurse to Patient
• Nurse to Team
Nurse to Self
Nurse to Patient
Nurse to Team
Nurse to Self
Nurse to Patient
Nurse to Team
Unit Representation

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