Chief Technology Architect
Remove the Road block to
Windows 7 Deployment
Desktop Planning
and Deployment
Provide the tools and processes for
Windows 7 Deployment
Desktop Planning
and Deployment
Realize the Potential of
Windows 7 Deployment
Enable enterprise customer adoption of Windows 7 through delivery of targeted
services, including application compatibility, deployment escalation, and ROI
assessments through trained global and local partners
 ACF is an initiative that teams Microsoft with service partners to help our customers overcome
application compatibility challenges.
 Application Compatibility Factory (ACF) helps enterprise customers assess and remediate Line
Of Business (LOB) and custom applications quickly and cost effectively.
 ACF partners have access to deep technical training, the latest technical information and an
evolving remediation database.
 ACF can benefit customers who are deploying Windows® 7 and have or have not identified
potential application compatibility issues.
 ACF program has unblocked over 1.4 million desktop seats and tested and remediated over
55K applications
 Commit to 5 days of ACF engagement
by assigning 2-3 key staff resources
(at least 1 IT and ideally 1 developer)
 Space at customer location for
 Provide systems to perform analysis
 Provide application source files &
 Standard NDA under Microsoft EA
 Agree to participate in AR/PR
 Packaged assessment & remediation
 Enablement – Application
compatibility technical training, tools,
and methodologies
 Co-investment in free services
provided by Microsoft and delivered
by one of our valued ACF Partners
 A number of business critical
applications remediated (dependent
on complexity)
 Detailed plan for full app compatibility
remediation based on application mix
Inventory & Rationalization
 14,000 applications were rationalized down to 800 due to 3rd
party plug-ins and apps showing up as full applications.
 In 5 days, the largest application compatibility barrier to adoption
for a 300,000 seat organization was removed.
Training & Tools
 Customer received a tool set & process for moving forward not
only with desktop application compatibility testing, but also IE,
and normal monthly patching.
Windows 7
Visual Studio 2008+
Zero Touch Deployment with MDT
Windows Server 2008
Designed for developing Compatible Apps for Vista+
Microsoft System Center
Get customer to take first step
Help remove blocker
Start the planning process
Energy Saving GPO
Direct Access
Branch Office Cache
Performance improvement in file transfers – Especially Roaming Env
 NathCorp
 Raj.Nath@NathCorp.Com
 Neudesic
 Parsa.Rohani@Neudesic.Com
 ITCInfoTech
 Sujay.Kumar@ITCInfoTech.Com
 Global
 v-eileek@microsoft.com
 Windows 7 is the new generation OS for
 A leap in terms of IT cost savings.
 A leap in Security of your Desktop &
application Environment.
 A leap in Productivity improvements.
 The foundation for Flexible computing.
 Getting Green – Windows 7 helps.
The first step starts with Microsoft’s Application Compatibility Program
Understand your application platform
Inventory of all applications on per department and organization basis.
Categorize, Rationalize and Prioritize your applications.
List of applications that will be incompatible with Windows 7.
Peripherals compatibility.
Remediation of sample set of applications.
Training on Remediation and Application Compatibility Toolkit.
In-house applications
3rd Party applications
IT Staff
Window 7 features presentation and benefits.
Microsoft Funds the 1 week ACF engagement.
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Microsoft Application Compatibility Factory Partner
Microsoft Desktop Deployment Planning Services Partner
Deep Experience in Application Compatibility testing and
 Some of the customers where NathCorp has performed
Application Testing & Remediation include 3M, AAA and
Pacific Life.
 Contact Raj.Nath@NathCorp.Com for more information.

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