Strategy 7

Strategy 7
Provide Opportunities for Creative Play
Creative play is make believe play. As a young child
I played school all the time. I was teaching my
little brother and sister or my dolls. We played
cops and robbers. We played ball. What I am
saying is we played outside and used our
Doing so, we learned to share. We learned to take
turns. We learned to resolve any problems. We
learned to be creative because we never had the
same lesson, crime, winner, etc.
Strategy 7-continued
Provide time for your children to play outdoors. If possible take them to a park.
Provide ways for them to be around other children. This will stimulate their brains
and help them learn life skills of turn taking and sharing.
Turn off the TV, computers, video games, iPods, iPads, etc. and take your children
outside for family time. Play catch, crochet, ride bikes, touch football, or any
outside activity. Have fun in the sun with your kids.
Give your child some downtime. In today’s world we are all in a rush all the time.
Provide some time for your child to just relax. The brain really needs a break
sometimes. The resting brain can think of its own games or entertain itself.
Strategy 7-continued
• Let your child lead you stretches. This is great for the mind and body.
• Clap, stomp, or skip out a rhythm or pattern and have your child repeat it.
This is great development for the brain.
• Spinning the body is great for the brain. Play high-energy music. Have
your child spin in one direction and then the other. Closing the eyes will
make the child less dizzy and help them keep their orientation.
• Have your child participate in vigorous activity everyday. It is
recommended by health experts that children and adolescents get at least
60 minutes of vigorous activity daily.

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