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MCU Car Rally Challenge
A Short Introduction
Renesas Electronics Europe
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January 2014
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What is the MCU Car Rally?
 An excellent learning
opportunity for students
 Build a self guided car from a
kit of components….
Fascinated students
MCU Racing Cars
 Optimise the hardware/software
 Attend competition in Germany
in the first quarter 2015.
 Win the race against your peers
 Targeting European University
Students, but open for anyone
Presents numerous learning opportunity for university students
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The Assembled Car & Learning Opportunities
(subject to change)
Renesas 32 Bit Microcontroller
Monitors car status based on sensor inputs and
controls motor speeds and steering angles
32 bit microcontroller development (hardware & software)
Electronic and mechanical hardware design optimisation
Real time control theory & related software algorithms
Self guiding sensor systems (track monitoring, motor feedback…)
Motor control theory & systems
We provide a basic starting point…the rest is up to you!
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The Reward
 A wealth of learning opportunities for university students
including 32 bit MCU h/w and s/w development, electronic and
mechanical hardware design optimization, real time control
theory & related software algorithms, sensor systems, motor
control theory……wow!
 All entrants will receive certificate of participation
 University entrants will receive a free kit of parts
 Priority will be given to students from Renesas Partner Universities
 Offer is subject to availability of free kits
 Additional kits available at cost from our partner AND Technology Research
 Prestigious prizes for the top 3 places which will be announced and awarded
at the MCU Rally Challenge race day on 26th February 2015
 Joint marketing opportunities for participant universities
 Looks good on student’s CVs!
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How to enter
 Download the application form from
 Complete the application form in full & get it counter-signed by your
University Professor
 Scan the application form & send it to: [email protected]
 Renesas will review your application and if successful will dispatch your own
car kit as soon as possible
 Renesas reserves the sole right to accept or decline participation in the
MCU Rally Challenge without any explanation
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Competence You Will Need
 To enter the MCR challenge:
Plenty of enthusiasm
Basic soldering skills
Basic electronics understanding (ie. device orientation in PCB)
Car kits have been successfully assembled by non-electronics
graduates, although some assistance is needed
 Access to the Renesas MCR Challenge support materials on the internet
 To have a realistic chance of winning:
 Understanding of mechanical engineering / physics – the simplest
enhancements are mechanical ones, although this may not be enough
to win the competition….
 Understanding of real time control theory and how sensors work,
together with software programming experience (tuning the software
for fast control and reaction is one way of optimizing performance)
 Support of an engineering / electronics tutor
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Where to get support
 Rules, information, videos, tutorials etc. are all available at
Car Kit Assembly Manual
Test Manual
Sample Software
Software Manual
IDE and Programming Tools
- etc.
 Frequently Asked Questions – at
 Additional advice, additional kits and limited spare parts are available from, Renesas official partner for the MCU Rally in Europe
 And of course, your university tutor
Renesas regrets that, in order to maintain the integrity and fairness of the competition, we
are unable to provide individual support or advice to any participant. All support must be
provided independently from Renesas, except for the standard guidance documents
mentioned above which can be downloaded from our website.
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 31st May 2014
- Deadline for applications
 September 2014
- Information on signing up for 2015 event
 December 2014
- Deadline to confirm participation in 2015 event
(binding commitment required)
 24-26 February 2015
- MCU Car Challenge Event at embedded world
in Nuremberg, Germany
 August 2015
- Winner of EU Challenge can participate in Global
Challenge in Japan
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Questions & Answers
Q. What is the cost of participation?
A. There is no cost** for Renesas Partner Universities
A. Other entrants will be expected to purchase car kits from
Q. Is the event open to anyone?
A. The event is primarily aimed at university entrants. However, depending on the level of
interest, we may run a parallel non-university challenge
Renesas staff are not permitted to enter although they may participate in exhibition
Q. Do I need experience with Renesas MCUs?
A. No, everything you need is in the car kit or at
Q. How do I test my car?
A. There are instructions on making a test track from card and masking tape included
Q. Will I be able to test the car on the actual track used in the competition?
A. We will decide this later. As a minimum we will give information on the elements within
the track. Your design needs to be flexible to different track conditions.
**Car kits are supplied free of charge to partner universities subject to availability. You will be expected to pay
your own travel costs to the challenge event in Germany in 2015. Renesas will provide accommodation/meals.
© 2014 Renesas Electronics Europe. All rights reserved.
Introducing AND TR
 AND Technology Research Ltd (ANDtr) is an award winning
electronics & software product development company.
 Providing design services & products for solutions requiring control,
communications & security.
 Renesas Platinum Alliance Partner since 2006.
 Renesas official partner providing support services for the MCU
Rally in Europe.
 For More information visit or try:
© 2014 Renesas Electronics Europe. All rights reserved.
Car Challenge Rules
 A full set of technical rules are available at which
must be fully adhered to
 Additional points applicable to the Eu Car Rally:
 The event is only open to participants who have applied to Renesas and
had their participation accepted
 Car kits are available free of charge to Renesas Partner Universities only,
subject to availability
 Only car kits supplied by Renesas & AND TR are eligible
 The final decision of Renesas on participation and event winners will be
final. No explanations will be given.
 Renesas reserves the right to modify the rules without notice.
 Modifications during the challenge event are only allowed prior to
inspection of your car. Modifications after this point will result in
 Renesas accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever incurred
relating to or resulting from participation in the challenge.
 All Intellectual Property in the Car Kit remains the property of Renesas
Electronics Corporation.
© 2014 Renesas Electronics Europe. All rights reserved.
Renesas Electronics Europe
© 2014 Renesas Electronics Europe. All rights reserved.

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