Week_One_1 - Franklin University

Week One Agenda
Administrative Announcements
Link of the Week
Expected Outcomes
This Week’s Topics
Next Week’s Lab Assignment
Break Out Problems
Upcoming Deadlines
Lab assistance, questions, and chat time
Professor Bob D’Andrea
Software Engineer
Instructor at Franklin University for five years
Phone No. 614.898.0457
Cell No. 616.519.5853
[email protected]
Program Chair of Information and Technology:
Mr. Todd Whittaker
Phone # 614.947.6110
[email protected]
Administrative Announcements
Instructor commitment
Respond daily to student emails.
Post exam grades and lab assignments as quickly as possible
in the official electronic grade book.
Post student midterm and final exam status on the
Announcement page after each exam has been received from
the Student Learning Center (SLC).
cs.franklin.edu server
Does everyone have a login that works into cs.franklin.edu?
Does everyone have putty downloaded on their laptop to
interface with the cs.franklin.edu server?
Each student’s lab assignment is tested under their
itec400/homework directory on the cs.franklin.edu machine.
Administrative Announcements
Recorded Franklin Live Power Point Presentations
Franklin Live file name format:
Example: Week_One_1.pptx
Power Point files will be available on Monday for
printing prior to class.
Administrative Announcements
Recorded Lab Assignments
Lab Assignment file name format:
Example: Lab_Assignment_1-3.doc
Power Point files will be available on Monday for printing prior
to class.
Administrative Announcements
Email format for completed lab assignments
Email a notification when an assignment is completed and
ready to be graded. The “Subject” line of your email
notification should have the following format:
<User name> <Section Number> <Lab Assig 1-3>
Example: dandrear V1WW Lab Assign. 2-1
Email format for questions
<User name> <Section Number> <Question>
Example: dandrear V1WW Question
Scripts and text file suffix
All scripts and text files shall end with a suffix (e.g. ,sh, .pl, .txt).
Homework assistance:
Do not solicit help from the Internet for lab assignments. If
caught soliciting assistance from the Internet, Franklin
University will take action against you.
Administrative Announcements
Bulletin Board:
Midterm Exam Outline (not present)
Final Exam Outline (not present)
Public Domain/Open Source Software Evaluation folder
Drop Box:
Drop box link is on your Web page named ITEC 400V1WW (WI11), under the “Communications” tab
Student drop box documentation below
Administrative Announcements
Turnitin.com Assignments
The LDAP and Public Domain/Open Source lab
assignments must be submitted to Turnitin.com. Your
report will be verified by Turnitin.com for author
originality. If Turnitin.com indicates that your
percentage of originality is 45 percent or more, I will
not grade the paper. I will recommend that you seek
assistance from the Student Learning Center (SLC).
Administrative Announcements
UNIX System Administration Syllabus
Optional Materials
Refer to the following web sites throughout UNIX
System Administration. They are excellent
resources for UNIX and Linux:
• UNIX System Administration Independent Learning
• Linux help, tutorials and tips
• UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
• UNIX help for Users.
Administrative Announcements
APA style format:
Main emphasis on citing sources, spelling, punctuation,
and capitalization. All reports must have a cover and
reference page.
Link of the week:
New links are provided weekly to direct students to
information on the Internet that will aid them with class
lab assignments and enhance their overall learning
Tutoring and workshops:
Student Learning Center (SLC)
Writing appointments via Franklin Live
Administrative Announcements
VMware software:
Source for downloading Knoppix software is on Web
page COMP/ITEC 400 – UNIX System Administration
ftp from Knoppix to cs.franklin.edu
sftp://[email protected]/export/home/dandrear
Administrative Announcements
Office hours
Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
A personalized Franklin Live session can be arranged,
if assistance is needed.
Discuss issue(s) on the phone
614.898.0457 (home)
614.519.5853 (cell)
Link of the Week
Open Source Software:
• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source
• http://freshmeat.net
• http://sourceforge.net
• Definition of Open Source Software.
• Who benefits from open source products?
Expected Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able
Create non-trivial shell scripts.
Perform appropriate UNIX System Administration tasks.
Compose non-trivial scripts using Perl programming
Distinguish the roles of Linux and Open Source software.
Incorporate the make utility appropriately within
Create a CGI script
Review Shell syntax
$# - Number of positional parameters
$! - Background PID
$? - Return value
$$ - Process PID
$ - Provides the content of a variable ($NUMBER)
$0, $1, $2, $3 … - The syntax represents the
positional parameters on the command line.
./printnum.sh 4
• exit 0 – The return values is a number from 0 to
255. A value of zero (0) indicates a normal exit.
• exit 1 - Indicates a failure occurred.
Review shell syntax
• “ “ - Double quotes. Removes special meaning of all
enclosed characters, except $, `, “, and \.
• Example: print “The price is $Price.\n”; (interpolation)
• ‘
’ - Literal quotes. Removes the special meaning of all
enclosed characters. A single quote cannot appear within
single quotes because a single quote denotes the end of the
• ` ` - Single Back Slash quotes. Used for command
• Example: echo The date is `date` (interpolation)
• LINES=`wc -l $ENTRY | cut -c 1-7`
• LISTING=`ls -l | cut -f 9`
Review shell syntax
• if [ -d "$1" ]
action statement
• wc –l - Word count with –l (line option). Print the new line
• ~ - Tilde (~ means /export/home/dandrear)
• for name in *
action statements
Review shell syntax
• while [ condition]
action statement
Next Weeks Lab Assignment
• Review Lab Assignment 2-1 Simple Shell scripting.
• Lab assignments should be recorded on cs.franklin.edu
(Einstein) machine in your “~/itec400/homework” directory.
• Demonstrate how to create a file using the “vi” editor.
• Execute printnum.sh and maxlines.sh scripts on Einstein.
• Email Lab 2-1 Shell Simple Script Logic Version 2 and Shell
Command and Programming Language Quick Reference
documents to students.
Break Out Problems
1. Program statement (#!/bin/ksh)
2. less
3. ps –e | wc –l
4. who | awk ‘{print $1}’ | sort –u | wc –l
5. ps –ef | awk ‘{print $1}’ |sort –u | wc –l
6. find / ex
7. ps –ef | awk ‘{print $9, $1}’
8. Shell language syntax: $#
9. Shell language command: for name in *
10. Shell language command:
11. Shell variable: PATH
Upcoming Deadlines
• Lab Assignment 1-1, Obtain a Proctor for Exams,
due January 16, 2011.
• Lab Assignment 1-2, Install VMware and Knoppix
Virtual Machine, due January 9, 2011.
• Lab Assignment 1-3, Introduction to Linux, due
January 9, 2011.
• Lab Assignment 2-1, Simple Shell Scripting, due
January 23, 2011.
• Lab Assignment 3-1, Advanced Scripting, due
January 30, 2011.
• Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Essential System
Administration text.
• Read Module One listed under the course Web site
Lab assistance, questions, and chat time
• Questions?
• Comments?
• Concerns?
• After each Franklin Live session, I will remain on the
session to provide assistance unless otherwise indicated.
Have a good week

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